Beach Walk 333 – Perfect Day, Little to Say

OMG what a beautiful day! This show is brought to you from inside the Pacific Ocean.

I paddled the outrigger canoe this morning and was really hot afterwords. So we decided to film the show from the water. How much of your day/neurons do you spend looking for trouble? For some of you, that is indeed a job description, but for most of us, it is just habit – no longer really necessary.

Coming soon! A world-wide debut of a new song by local female artists, Mighty J. It will be some time this week, so please stay tuned.

Hawaiian words
Wai: water
Leʻa: joy, pleasure, clearly, perfectly
Wailea: a place name in Hawai’i

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  1. You’re right, sometimes it’s ok to have nothing in particular to say except, “ain’t life great?!”

    I love to watch Lexi chugging alongside you above and below the surface. Was SC treading water while filming? If so, I’m impressed!

    Our Florida rental has its own pool and hot tub, so I’m beginning to appreciate the value of a daily dip, especially when someone else does the pool maintenance. 🙂

  2. WOW! or maybe Wish i was there to take a dip in the water with you. The sea looks so inviting.

  3. Nice one. I’ve always wanted one of those underwater cases for my camera. Very cool.

  4. I realized afterwards that it is the middle of winter and what a contrast this might be for so many of you.

    C – lots of point and shoot cameras now can go a few feet underwater without a casing plus make videos. I love it! Purs (Olympus 720SW) is kinda old but some friends have a Pentax W20 and it takes movies 640×480. Ours does 320×240.