Beach Walk 332 – Sociability 2.0 – part 2

Continued from yesterday’s show. Doing things to help others be happy is nice, until it turns out that you are unhappy.

Coming soon! A world-wide debut of a new song by local female artists, Mighty J. It will be some time this week, so please stay tuned.

Hawaiian words
Launa, Laulauna: sociable
Laulaunaʻole: antisocial

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  1. P.S. Lexi wanted me to tell everyone that she likes to go anywhere, anytime, with just about anyone!

  2. I’ve watched the last few days blogs on relationships and things. It brings me to the following question..please don’t be offended..but, are you and “secret cameraman” married?

  3. No offense taken! 🙂 We are not married in the legal sense, but we are in most every other way. We were both married before, we have no children, and so we have not felt the need for it. What’s on your mind about the topic?

  4. I definitely am guilty of this. Eliza loves to play games (board,card,etc) with having friends over to do so. I do too, but not as much as her for sure. So we were able to reach a compromise that seems to work nicely. We have a scheduled number of times we do this, and that made me happy and her happy.