Beach Walk 330 – Happy Hour Helps

Secret Cameraman and I have started stopping work at 5:30 to talk over the day and prepare dinner together. It’s had a profound impact on our energy levels.

Sad to say perhaps, but we used to just work straight through until one of us got hungry and went into the kitchen to make dinner. Then we would eat, and often head back to work.

Instead, we now stop work at 5:30-6, and make dinner together while discussing our day, new biz ideas, and our plans for tomorrow. I am amazed at how much energy that little tweak in our schedule has opened up! Even if we have more work to wrap up after dinner, this break really helps us feel like we have a semblance of a life and more energized about the evening.

Olá to our visitors from Brazil!

Hawaiian words
Hauʻoli: happy

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  1. I couldn’t *live* without happy hour. 🙂 I admire people like yourselves that can work hours on end and put aside hunger, sleep, etc. On the other hand, I see people at work that don’t have a life. They eat at their desk, they never go out after work, they come in on weekends. When I was younger, nobody ever worked that hard, and somehow good things still got done. It’s a puzzlement.

  2. Great idea. I used to do a similar thing when I was editing my last film. Edit for a a few hours then play some video games. Though I did have to set a timer otherwise I would never stop and get back to work 🙂

  3. Aloha friends! I’m really missing you guys and the beach (almost heart breaking to know every inch of your walk having lived there and not having physical access to it… )!!

    It’s especially keen an ache these days. I’ve been on the opposite end of the working schedule. Working as I am now for a big dot-com web shop, we’ve been working long hours to meet ill-conceived deadlines. I’m talking 8am-8pm Monday through Sunday (yes, that equals 12 hours a day, 7 days a week!!).

    And it’s fascinating to see the opposite extreme of the toll it takes on one’s physical health. Being crammed into conference rooms with co-workers half of the day has spread around so many illnesses that some people are on their second bought of the flu. I myself fell victim last week and missed 4 days out of the work week. And I still had 34 hours!!

    All rambling aside, I’m glad you guys have sought balance between work and… well, everything else. 😉 I decided — for my own sake — to take things easier than I had been, and it’s made a world of difference. Today I’m back with my nose to the grindstone (what a painful platitude!).

    Keep up the great work on the show, guys!! I may not be a neighbor (for now… ), but I’m still there in spirit. Toss one to Lexi for me!!

  4. We’ve spoken about this in the past. I’m glad you guys are scheduling in some “Rox and SC time”.