Beach Walk 329 – One Minute Rants

Josh Wolf is in jail but he’s found peace. I use one minute rants to get back to mine.

Josh Wolf is a videoblogger in prison for refusing to turn over some of his footage. He’s there on principle, but that doesn’t make jail any less jail. I’ve been corresponding with him, and am in awe of his ability to be positive, philosophical, and at peace with his situation.

It’s not so easy now is it for many of the rest of us? I was commiserating with Clintus over having to re-code his web site to get it to work in Internet Explorer – a web browser by Microsoft that does not follow the W3C web standards. It makes life miserable at times for us web workers.

Being able to blow off steam, on a blog, in the water, wherever and however, I find it is a great way to move past the frustration and settle back into peacefulness. What do you do to get back to center, back to balance?

Hawaiian words
Maluhia: peace
Nuku: rant

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  1. OMG Rox I’m honored to be mentioned. And yes, IE seems to be the bane of my online existence. I will say that IE 7 seems to be just fine; it was 6 that was giving me the trouble and the header is still not right after all that.

    Thanks again for the mention and for stopping by my site. I really enjoy you videos. They’re so calm and soothing and you have such great points. Keep up the good work.

  2. Again. For me it is basketball. I love venting my frustrations out, not on my opponent, but on myself by pushing myself athletically.

    Another great EP. When you said “bitch” my ears perked up!

  3. Hi Rox,

    I really enjoy your show. Even on a day when you don’t feel like you have much to see, just seeing the beach and the ocean and Lexie running around is very soothing.

    I am not usually in the role of Microsoft defender. As a company, they’ve done many stupid things and they do publish some very flawed products at time. But, IE has the majority of the browser market. You should be coding for them first, only because they are in the majority, and then “fixing” the code for other browsers. This just makes sense to me.

    I used Firefox as my main browser for years, but it was almost a daily occurrence that I would have to switch to IE because some website (primarily financial sites) only worked in IE. Until recently I was using Firefox, Opera (for it’s RSS features) and IE. But recently I’ve found that the combination of IE and Google toolbar is all I need.

    Thanks for letting me vent. Enjoy the videos.



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