Beach Walk 328 – Contradictions & Silver Linings

A mish-mash of ideas about stress, absolutes, and competition.

OK, you can tell from Lexi’s confused look that today is one of those shows where even I say to myself, “now what was she talking about?” Some days out in the canoe I experience these ideas or insights. Then I try to talk about them back on the beach, only to have the wind, other people, other dogs, pending rain, etc. distracting me somewhat.

I was thinking about the contradiction of racers wanting to be alone in the front of the pack. But in this case “alone” really is in the context of a pack or a community. Community does not have to be all equal equal. Sometimes competition and pulling out in front can be fun, can stimulate improvement in everyone, and really is just another way of experiencing community. So long as no one takes it too seriously.

Hawaiian words
Hoʻokūkū: compete

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  1. Hooray, got my copy of Kaimoku’s The Ukulele Experiment – wonderful CD. the ukulele is so sweet and expressive in their hands. Rox, any chance of ever getting the musicians on a Beach Walks episode?

  2. Wellll, it’s a great idea but for now they do not perform. But I will keep asking. 🙂

    We will be having some musical guests next week though and I am very excited about it! I know you’ll stay tuned SoCalGal; let’s hope a few others will too.

  3. The same goes for me when we play basketball. For me I play for exercise, for the spirit of competition that drives me to play better and harder – but mostly I actually try to improve my game week after week so that I get even more enjoyment out of the game.

    Great episode. Short, sweet, to the point.