Beach Walk 327 – The Sunglass Dilemma

If you think something is not replaceable, do you take better care of it?

I seem to misplace and lose my sunglasses a lot. It may be genetic (sorry Mom). But it may also be related to the fact that I don’t consider them precious at all and can easily replace them if lost.

As compared to Secret Cameraman, who was raised with the notion of, “You lose this one, you’re not getting another one, so pay attention!”

He certainly has a good point. Scarcity can actually be supportive in this case. Do you find that scarcity changes your behavior or stimulates your neurons in different ways than abundance does?

Sorry about the hiccups. They did go away after a nice swim in the ocean.

Hawaiian words
Kakaʻikahi: scarce
Nui: abundant

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  1. Rox, Rox, Rox,

    Instead of the three margaritas before the show, have a glass of pineapple juice. That should take care of the hiccups. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Seriously, don’t know why you’re getting them, but an effective cure is to put a teaspoon of sugar as far back on your tongue as you can, and swallow slowly. It tastes good, and usually stops the hiccups.


  2. I used to go through sunglasses like crazy also. About half I’d loose, the other times I’d just be bored with the old ones and buy new ones until about 7 years ago, I bought some really nice ‘expensive’ ones. I had to buy only one other pair since then but I think knowing how much I invested in them it made me more aware of keeping track of them….not so much worrying about loosing them but just knowing how much I appreciate the quality of them. Although it wasn’t my initial reason for buying them, I also heard that they are much better on your vision than ones that you could pick up at the drug store for $10 or something.

    alo….’hic’….ha! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Apparently, an age-old cure consists of playing a banjo, while riding backwards on a 3-legged donkey up a narrow mountain path.

    …. I’m not sure if it’s particularly important what tune you play…

    Disclaimer: This may or may not be the product of my overactive imagination ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I agree; skip the margaritas. Instead stay local, three mai tais ought to do the job.
    It is so easy for us with our comparative(to the rest of the world)wealth to become careless with our possessions as they are so easily replaced.
    Doing this however only adds to the decline of resources and lessens the availibility of materials for the rest of earth’s populace. This imbalance creates conflict, often the precursor to wars. So to live carelessly is perpetuating world violence. We are all guilty of such transgressions, perhaps with intention and attention we can do better. Imagine!

  5. Great show. First time I’ve watched. I’m subscribed.

  6. Great recommendations! I’m going to try most of them – sorry Matt! – and as for the mai tai’s, one is plenty for this lightweight. Instead, save this note – it’s good for a free mai tai for any Beach Walks viewer who makes it to Hawai’i!

    Seriously, I used to feel guilty about buying expensive things when a cheaper version was available. Now I see an appropriate context for doing that, especially if it minimizes my resource (over)utilization and performs more effectively for me.

    Clintus – e komo mai! Dat’s welcome in hawaiian.

    I am so glad to have gotten the hiccups. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Secret Cameraman must have missed the lesson growing up about “losing your keys” (ha-ha)


  8. Doing my usual “late” catchup of Beach Walks.

    I just lost my wallet, for the first time (and blogged about it). I can tell you that I will do my very best to never have it happen again. Even though I didn’t “lose” anything (fortunately I didn’t have any cash in it), I will have the headaches of going through and getting replacements of its contents.

    Ugh. I need to be more careful.