Beach Walk 326 – Minding My Kuleana

Hawaiian word for the day: kuleana. I try to focus on mine, instead of everyone else’s.

Our nice HD camera is still in the shop so we are using the old standby. It really doesn’t like it when we shoot in the late afternoon when the clouds have rolled in and the light is low.

Today’s word is kuleana. It means concern, right, privilege, business, responsibility. We use it conversationally when talking about other people minding their own kuleana,, or “ainokea” – it’s not my kuleana.

I find when we start caring a lot about something or someone, it’s easy to start paying attention to other people’s kuleana. And when there is overlap, it gets even trickier. Some candid and courteous conversation can be the cure though.

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Hawaiian words
Kuleana: concern, right, business, responsibility

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