Beach Walk 325 – Voices of Optimism

Originally inspired by The 2007 Edge Question, this episode features the voices of our viewers answering the question, “What are you optimistic about?”

With mahalos to Joe I learned about Edge – “to arrive at the edge of the world’s knowledge.” Every year they pose a question, and dozens of well-known thinkers respond with their perspectives.

I thought this was a good idea for us in the Beach Walks community. And our show is an homage to the Random Show.

Mahalo to Secret Cameraman for pulling these many voices together into one perfect Beach Walks episode: sometimes serious, sometimes frivolous, always aloha. Mahalo also to the creative and caring contributors:
Jen and Kent in Maine
Bob in NYC
Catherine in South Carolina
Rhett and Amy
Susan & her dog Lexie
David in Houston: Mission Accomplished! in 2:38:13.
Kate Iredale
Phillip in LA
Joe in Florida
Matt in the UK
Bill C in NTC

Doctor Trey decided to Digg this episode. You can Digg it too here.

Hawaiian words
ʻIke loa: positive

Be in Touch!


  1. That was pretty awesome Rox… what a lovely idea 🙂

    … too scared to try a Brit accent eh? 😉

  2. This really was a great ideas, and I especially like the use of the globe for the transitions like that. Well done.

  3. well done!

  4. David in Galveston, Tx says

    That was great! Its great to see the support and contributions from the beachwalks community. Keep up the great work Rox, Camera Dude, and lexi 🙂

  5. I love what you did with this episode. I was actually sitting here wondering if i should watch last nights apprentice or Beachwalks. I’m glad I chose Beachwalks!

  6. WOW! That was really good. Excellent job, Rox & SC! 😀

    I didn’t know it was going to be so A) dramatic, and B) post-produced! hahaha very nice! The freezes out of Rox’s segments, music & rotating map really set the mood.

    It’s funny about ‘context’… My context was that you already know who I am, so I never even considered saying my name in the video! 😀

    Well done & nice work to everyone that contributed!

  7. Atta girl, guy & dog! Another home run. Your greatest impact on this new world of communication has been to so clearly demonstrate that its opportunities and potential are boundless. What’s even better, even more important–and something we’re all grateful for: You’ve only just begun.

  8. Way to go guys! You did a fantastic job of putting the show together. I loved the music and the google earth images…you really brought through the feeling of us all being connected on this small planet of ours!

  9. I always look forward to watching Beach Walks each day. This episode was especially enjoyable. Thank you guys. Take care now.

  10. Great show – thanks to all the Beachwalks participants for sharing their optimism!

  11. Great episode. That was cool having everybody get in on the act with you. Really good job Secret Cameraman on pulling the video and audio together with the nice transitions.

  12. Wow, mahalo everybody for all of your comments. And if you missed out, not to worry! We’ll do another collaboration again. love, rox

  13. Susan with my dog, Lexie says

    Nice work! An original concept and a variety of ideas submitted by everyone. Thanks for including my humble submission, too. What a humorous handling of my unknown location with an out of globe placement…but am an alien residing around Austin, Texas. Other than glowing in the dark, I tend to fit right in!


  1. […] I do love the beach, but can’t get there as often as I would like. Beach Walks with Rox is my alternative to actually being there. Their program has been around for awhile, but today’s episode ended up being quite impressive to me. It’s called Voices of Optimism and if you want to see how the internet (podcasting and vodcasting) is shrinking the world, go watch it. If you enjoy it as I have, digg it here. […]