Beach Walk 313 – We are safe

I’ve made a number of career changes in my life. That has meant learning how safe I am and that I am not required to meet other people’s expectations.

Philip from LA, who I met at the Podcast & Portable Media Expo, asked me a while ago to talk about making these career transitions that I have alluded to on Beach Walks. So today is that show!

Are you thinking of making a change?

Beach Walks Optimism Episode
I hope you’ll submit something for it. Please check out Show #312 for the details!

UPDATE: If you are wondering about the Secret Cameraman comments, watch this episode!

Hawaiian words
Palekana: safe

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  1. I’m just catching up on BW since being on vacation. Great episodes as always! Keep up the great work.

    Oh. I’m thinking of doing some video soon of some “real world” things I am doing lately (watercolor, fossil collecting, photo projects, etc) and I’d like to know if you could use a BW episode to share the process you use to record, edit, compile, and deploy each episode? Much appreciated if you can do this.


  2. Aloha Rox,
    Though you may have many requests to feature “secret cameraman” I’ll swim against the tide on this one. A bit of mystery adds a dash of spice to your blog. Secrets are for keeping. This one is fun!

  3. Thanks for mentioning my question. It filled in a lot of questions. I love to hear how everyone else got to where they are and the path they took. I was once in a work seminar and asked what my greatest strength was and I answered “I’m adaptable.” I don’t just blend in but I make myself fit well in whatever venture I decide. As long as I’m happy.

    Really enjoyed hearing your story and talk to you soon.

    P.S.: Keep secret camera man a secret. He’s like the Charlie to Charlie’s Angels.

  4. Mybe like Charlie is to Charlie’s Angels we can hear his voice every now and then. Since i think i over hear someone say that he had his own podcast once. So i know he is not afaid to to talk into a mic. Opps! that might be one of his 5 things that we don’t know about him. That would still keep him a secret.

  5. Well who knew! There are people who want to keep the secret as well as those who want the secret revealed. And then John in UT who is encouraging me to watch thesecret movie. one of these days i hope!

    Mind you, I didn’t have plans to fully reveal SC in any case, this just makes it easier for us to decide what we want to do. Thanks everyone!

  6. hhehe S.C.’s becoming quite the celebrity! 🙂 Stay on the lookout for paparazzi! 😀

    Interesting about your career changes. Unfortunate about the “glass ceiling” issues. Interesting that they would hire you to do something specific and then not allow you to do that very thing.

    Safety in career changes comes from personal grounding. For a lot of people “what they do” is “what they are”, and they can’t see their way clear to removing themselves from the situation, regardless of how much they dislike it. OTOH, that’s what drives many people to depression when they get fired. Their entire social system disappears, along with their self-worth, because other than “what they do”, they didn’t have any way of defining themselves as valuable.

    Waitressing and dancing all day was the best thing for you to do for your own personal development. Many people wouldn’t have been able to make that change, no matter how much they really longed for it.