Beach Walk 304 – Give It Up for Kaimoku

Beach Walks uses the music of Kaimoku for our theme, and most would admit it is a perfect fit. For the next week, let’s see how much we can give them in official royalties!

We started episode 1 with a pod-safe song from Kaimoku. And the rest is history. The music just fits our show so perfectly, we’ve never tried anything else!

Mele Kalikimaka everyone!

Hawaiian words
Pila Hoʻokani: instrumental music

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  1. David in Galveston, Tx says

    Have a wonderful Christmas Rox, Lexi, and Secret Camera Man.

  2. Mahalo David! We had a wonderful day.

  3. Rox: You really didn’t need to do this. We all just love your show, and love the fact that you are using our music. Thank you Rox, Lexi and Secret Camera Man and Happy Holidays!