Beach Walk 303 – Not So Needy Afterall

Need is a much misused and abused word, that leads to unnecessary pressure too.

I caught myself saying, “I need a new pair of sunglasses” today. Oops! I actually believe our needs are very few, and at this time of year many of us are focused on helping the truly needy. Meaning, those who are having trouble taking care of basic survival needs.

So often we end up saying, “I need a new dress” or “I need that report by Monday.” That word need puts so much pressure on! When it would be more accurate to say, “I want a new dress” and “If I don’t receive the report by Monday, then this project is delayed etc” With real specifics and consequences. Not this abstract life or death energy that accompanies the word “need.”

Hawaiian words
Pono: need

Be in Touch!


  1. Mele Kalikimaka! Thanks Rox, SCM and Lexi for a great year of Beach Walks. I like the new lower third in the video and other spiffy things you’ve added.

    Brent Dog cracks me up; he’s that proverbial bull in a china shop–all muscle going all which way 🙂

  2. Yes he is – at the beach that is. At home, he is the zen master and I wonder if two souls are perhaps sharing his one body! Or do dogs get multiple personalities like humans? I was always fascinated by the reports of one person where one of the mutliples had diabetes (and took shots) but the others didn’t (and didn’t). Amazing how the mind part of us has an impact on the body part of us.

  3. Yes I had forgotten Brent was a former Guide dog–good dog!


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