Beach Walk 302 – Gratitude

A simple title, for what can be a confusing topic.

Gratitude can take on so many different energies. At its core, I find it a wonderful feeling. But when accompanied by “You should be grateful that…” then it loses all its glow for me.

On the other hand, it’s so easy to be cranky about not getting what we want, especially under the tree on Christmas morning! I think that is a prime time for the #2 to get in there and stir up trouble.

In that case, making a conscious gratitude list can really help get the #1 you back in charge.

Today we went out in the six-person canoe, singing carols and “ho ho ho” instead of our usual “hut-hut-ho” for the changes. We stopped by to wave aloha to our friend Tobey, who is living out his last few days with us. He’s been dancing with pancreatic cancer and the music appears to be fading out. I’m gonna miss your kindness and laughter Tobey. (Even while a new song has begun for our friend Miss D – yippee!)

Hawaiian words
Hoʻomaikaʻi: gratitude
Mahalo: thank you
Mahalo nui loa: thank you very much

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  1. Prayers and hugs to Tobey —