Beach Walk 301 – Room for Everyone

Philip called in to talk about old media honing in on the space created by new media. I try to gather a few thoughts while chasing after two dogs and seeing friends with puppies!

First! Mahalo nui loa for all of the comments, private emails, and calls regarding our 300th show! You all are the best!! And I will be responding over the weekend.

As for old media and new media. Yes, they are moving into the videoblog/podcast space with vigor. But I think there is room for all of us, and you get to vote with your time and attention.

It’s very much like the #2 to frame these kinds of situations as “either/or” “them or us.” I am betting on them and us!

We’re caring for BrentDog for a week. Isn’t that a great shot of him? We’re keeping him up late and feeding him treats; we’re gonna be in the doghouse when his parents come home!

Hawaiian words
Nā kānaka apau loa: all the people

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  1. “Big media” can’t take over “Small media” in the case of videoblogging. “Big media”‘s goal is to sell you something or convince you of something. “Small media” focuses on self-expression and communication. They don’t have the same goals, so they don’t serve the same purposes or attract the same audiences.

    If you watch the new Amanda show and compare it to other shows she’s hosted or even random videos that she’s been a part of where people were just out having a good time and she happened to be there, it’s clear that she’s now being coached. It’s not just “do whatever you want, and we’ll roll with it”. The show is still good… it’s just missing elements of Amanda’s personality that can be seen ANYWHERE else. It will get better, because that’s how shows work in “Big media”. People have to get used to working together and get used to the studio and the new styles of putting a show together. Regardless, they’ll have a large audience, and I think the show will be a big hit.

    People tune in to “Small media” for totally different reasons. There’s a videoblog out now of some chick that’s a secretary, and she just films herself answering phones and working on her computer. How do I know this? I’ve WATCHED it! hahahaha Try selling THAT to “Big media”. :) Won’t happen. Nobody will pay anybody to make that show… but she’s still going to make it, and people are still going to watch it, and it’s still going to be available via rss and whatever other means, so “Big media” is only an addition… not a replacement.

  2. As long as there’s net neutrality (and that’s a BIG as-long-as) the only way Big Media can take viewer share is if they’re actually better! To wit, one of the most popular things for me lately on YouTube is the CBS subscription. I never saw Craig Ferguson (Late, Late Show) until I saw the clips on YouTube. Now I’m addicted! There was a very interesting story lately (Rox, I emailed it to you) about how CBS actually saw an increase in their TV ratings after posting free stuff on YouTube. It isn’t necessarily bad because it’s big, but now shows have to compete on quality alone. That’s a good thing, I’d say.

    Happy Holidays to all y’all.. :)

  3. Thanks for taking care of high maintenance Brent. He needs to start listening better or he is going to lose his guest appearance privileges on Beach Walks. :-)


  4. Oh Mindy, thank you for giving Lexi a new kong (sp?) toy for Xmas- I missed her old one; the tennis ball is ok, but….. the kong is better!

    I agree there’s room for everyone–we gravitate to the content we like, wherever it is, and with more players (including big media) on the field, the competition should make for a wide variety of creative and quality content.

    Go Brent Dog!