Beach Walk 298 – One Percent Solution

I think there is incredible power in the one percent, if you claim it as your one percent.

It’s a natural human trait to focus on others and what they are doing wrong, whether it’s one to one at work or thinking about world peace. But that takes away our individual power and freedom to be of influence.

Much as my #2 cranky personality fights against it, I would rather accept my own kuleana in a given situation, even if only 1% of the dysfunction is mine. Though it is incredibly tempting to pile on everyone else’s shortcomings, mine are the only ones I can change.

Hawaiian words
Responsibility: kuleana

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  1. About the #300 show, what about a special featuring a retrospective on the bes moments, hot topics, awards received or something? I don’t know if it’s a good idea or not, but it’s a good start for the brainstorming that probably will follow. At the end of the day, you only become 300 episodes old once in your life…

  2. I think this topic ties nicely with a show you did previously having to do with charity and being happy and satisfied to give something without feeling guilty that you didn’t give an enormous amount.

    Hmmm. #300. It falls on the winter solstice. Coincidence? Dude, like there are no coincidences, ok?

  3. O man, I so needed that yesterday! I’ll use it going forward and let ya know how it works it out.

    mahalo and aloha Rox (love ya is included in aloha, right?) 🙂

  4. Indeed it does, Peter.

    One of the wonderful things about living in Hawaii that I never would have imagined before moving here is what they play on the radio. Yes, we have the regular Top 40 and HipHop and bubble gum pop stuff, but the 5 buttons on our car radio are all tuned to Hawaiian music stations. And two of them happen to be the biggest stations in the state.

    And the amazing thing is that there is a huge, vibrant, incredibly talented Contemporary Hawaiian music industry creating music that you can’t hear anywhere else except in the Islands.

    One of the songs by one of our favorite groups, The Manao Company, “Spread a Little Aloha” goes something like:

    “Well Aloha means hello.
    And Aloha means goodby.
    And Aloha means I love you,
    And I want to take you higher.”

    Here’s a sample of that song:

    And you can see/buy/sample the album here: (PS: we have no affiliation with and don’t make any money on any sales at that site)

  5. Aloha Secret Cameraman,
    Live Hawaiian music is rare where I live, but lately I’ve been listening via my computer. To get it just google Hawaiian radio. Take your choice and click on. “Dakine” does it for me- plenty of Christmas tunes in Hawaiian.

  6. Beren and Joe – mahalo for your show suggestions. As it turns out, the day arrived and we had planned zilch. And actually, though most of you see it on the Solstice, we filmed it the day before! So let me take this moment to wish you all a blessed and warm winter, wherever you may be. Maybe it would be helpful to start thinking about the one year mark now??? That is tomorrow – time for me to crash… love, rox

  7. I’ve been using the 1% solution for years, but in two slightly different contexts:

    * Even if I’m only responsible for 1% of the problem, I can only “control” my reaction to the situation. Instead of trying to fix everyone and everything “perfectly”, I’ve learned to just flow around things…which has done wonders for my mental health (and probably accounts for much of my wacky sense of humor when all others around me are in deep angst!).

    * In the midst of some tough financial times, I began joyfully donating 1% of my gross income to seven of my “favorite” non-profit orgs..human, spiritual, and critters. From that modest beginning, the Universe has so blest me that I can…and do…donate closer to 10% every month and am aiming for 15% in 2007!