Beach Walk 294 – Spammers, Leaf Me Alone!

Rox has a rare rant session. We’re getting fax spam at home, all hours of the day the phone is ringing.

Some of you have probably also been reading about (and suffering from!) the explosion in spam the past month, along with way too many unsolicited copies of catalogs.

Hello clueless companies and creeps! Stop it. You want our attention? Put up a good web site. Support independent media. Do good things so we will want to talk about you to our friends. Otherwise please leave me alone.

Or as Kaile’s t-shirt says, “Leaf Me Alone.” We stopped by her house on the way home from the beach. I just loved that synchronicity! You’ll have to watch the whole show to see it though. :-)

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Hawaiian words
Hoʻokahi: alone

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  1. Thank goodness I’m not the only one!! I have wasted more FAX machine ink cartridges and REAMS AND REAMS of paper on pure garbage-buy this, IPO that, NEW stocks, mortgages, etc., etc., etc. ……. I really would love to know what percentage of sales these various companies result from these kind of solicitations to make them seem profitable. The sheer annoyance factor is enough to turn me off of any manufacturer or goods/service provider. Sorry for my rant, but you struck a very sympathetic chord. My best to all.


  2. Its funny that Kaile knew what the show was going to be about before her mom (that would be me, the one that usually dresses her). She chose the shirt herself this morning. We GREATLY dislike junk mail and spam, so she chose the perfect day to wear the shirt! The show was great and very timely, as the volume of spam we’ve been receiving has exploded. I think the spammers think that we all might drink enough egg nog this time of year to take them up on one of their ridiculous offers.

  3. hehe I can’t complain, because S.C. let me know about Askimet for handling blog spam! :D

    I just deleted 22 spam responses with one click instead of having to go around searching for and deleting each one.

    Thanx, S.C.! :D

  4. You’re most welcome, Bill.

    I hadn’t deleted Akismet caught spam from Beach Walks for about 4 days so after reading your comment thought I’d check to see how our spam was after 4 days. Here’s what I found:

    And in the time it took me to snap this pic and post, the spam had gone from 7438 to 8455. Seven more comment spams in less than 5 minutes!!!

    It’s simply out of control and I really really REALLY wish people would stop clicking on email spam and comment spam and quit supporting these crooks and liars!!!