Beach Walk 290 – Lani Kai Kai

Fun at the beach with my girlfriend Kaile. A little home movie while Dad’s away working!

It was the first day of sun in about a week and being the weekend too, it was a busy day at the beach! We brought our little friend Kaile, who was having fun with her body slammin’ floatie suit and running in the gorgeous soft white sand of Lanikai Beach.

Pure frivolity!

Hawaiian words
Lani: heaven, heavenly
Kai: sea

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  1. Surfer Girl rules! Thanks Rox for having Kaile back on; she’s growing up. It’s wonderful her parents and relatives can see her enjoying the waves and sun on your videoblog.

  2. That was adorable 🙂

  3. Oh, Secret Camera Man, good water work! and Lexi seemed to enjoy herself too (that little puppy was adorable too).

  4. This was quite the menagerie to be sure! I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Cute kid. She seems like she has a blast at the beach.

  6. Dear Rox:

    Love your videos (I’ve also visited twice Honolulu and took all around island trips on rented cars by 1965 and 1973): two requests:

    Number one:

    any chance for you to show us some other beaches there ? (Waikiki, North Shore or so) I’d love to see again Kalakawa Ave., some of the beautiful hotels near Waikiki, International Market Place, etc. I´m sure many will agree on these despite the postcards and TV publicity on the same.

    Number two:

    Can yo be so kind to describe or (better!) show us the “hardware” you are using for your video making? How about the software?

    Keep on beachwalking!

    Juan (Lima, Perú)

  7. Aloha Juan,
    For our gear: check out Show 144 to see the equipment we use. And we try to get out and about when we have time. Maybe in 2007 we’ll have regular subscribers and/or sponsors so we can afford to do that!