Beach Walk 288 – All About the Energy

Here are a few observations on going with the flow as compared to sticking to a schedule no matter what.

I do Beach Walks unscripted. The majority of days, I come up with a topic on the way to the beach (a 7-10 minute drive.) Some days, I get an idea in the shower, or while brushing my teeth, or reading a magazine, or surfing the web. I make a few notes to jog my memory later.

What I’ve noticed is that the thought can be carried over, but often the energy cannot. So I’ve learned to trust that, instead of forcing it. Forcing it is the equivalent of being stuck in a time warp. “But I so loved this idea 6 hours ago. Where did the energy go?” Often, the #2 is right there hounding me: You really need to talk about this! It’s a good topic!! But nah – the energy will come back when it’s ready.

For me, it’s all about the energy. So if you like Beach Walks, then this show is the inside scoop on how it happens. It’s a data point in favor of going with the flow, in case you’re doing research.

Of course some things are more efficient on schedule, but far more things than I ever realized really do better, in the flow, not the force.

Hawaiian words
Kahe: flow

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