Beach Walk 286 – Make Peace With War

December 7 in the USA is “Pearl Harbor Day,” remembering the initial surprise Japanese attack in Hawaii. Today’s show is a rewind, back by special request.

My mom just loves show #97, Memorial Day in the Pacific. It commemorates those who died in previous wars, and reminds us that the US got into WWII as a result of the bombing here at Pearl Harbor. The shows this week are all exploring this peace, war, and reconciliation theme.

I really liked this article in our local paper, the Star Bulletin, WWII Adversaries Meet Face-to-Face.

A significant share of veterans from both countries say they respect each other as professional military men who fought for their countries. Now in their 80s and 90s, they don’t want to live burdened with hatred and want to die with peace in their hearts.

Secret Cameraman did a beautiful job on this episode. We really hope you enjoy it.

Hawaiian words
Kala: forgive, unburden

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  1. Kala: forgive, unburden

    Those 2 words are rarely used togther in English to mean the same thing. I’m beginning to like Hawaiian words better 🙂

    Aloha and Sipala!

  2. Ok you stumped me on “Sipala!” so I looked it up (where else?) on the Internet. Many are using it as an Indian word for peace, then I found this page on that says “sipala” in Hopi actually means “peach” not “peace.” I got a new age giggle out of that, and either way Peter, you are peachy-keen in my dictionary!

  3. O man! Ya, thats a good one 🙂
    Actually if you look at a peach in just the right way, you can see a peace symbol…..Ok, ok, I tried.