Beach Walk 285 – Opportunity Not Obligation

It’s a peace week, given that is the underlying thread here in Hawaii, and in theory, the basis for the American-European holiday season.

I think you would call my recent affliction “bronchitis.” I am happy to say I am getting better day by day, surrendering to the process. Today’s show I am exploring the opportunity for making peace; it’s not for everyone. I came upon the title for this show during editing, and it’s given me all sorts of ideas for another show!

Peace to me is such a delicate, quiet, personal experience. I don’t want to force it on anyone; that seems counter-productive. But I like exploring opportunities on Beach Walks to think, feel, and act different. To break old patterns that we repeat simply out of habit, not choice.

Hawaiian words
Manawa kūpono: opportunity
ʻAiʻē: obligation, debt

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  1. I think you have said this before as well as many other great people…forgiving actually benefits the forgiver many times more than the person they are forgiving.

    I also wanted to send my deepest thanks and respect out to Mr Benton for your service in WWII. Mahalo.

    E ola to Rox, Aloha and Sipala to everyone!

  2. Hi Rox, Good topic…we’ll never resolve world conflict until we each resolve out own inner conflicts. Easier said than done, but at least it’s something we can do, rather than feel overwhelmed at the world situation. Just looking at the beach makes me feel peaceful!
    I’m so glad you’re on the mend!

  3. I like your point Kate – anything that can help us realize we each have something to contribute.