Beach Walk 284 – Wai Momi

Wai Momi are the pearl waters of Pearl Harbor. This show is about peace and reconciliation among survivors of World War II.

This week in Honolulu is the Pearl Harbor 65th Anniversary Symposium, the last gathering of veterans of the fighting at Pearl Harbor. What grabbed my attention was to learn about Zenji Abe, a Japanese pilot who dropped bombs on Hawaii, yet who has dedicated his life to peace and reconciliation. Hawaii is a good place for this, as even at the time of the war, we had many citizens of Japanese descent. You can read more about Mr. Abe in the Star-Bulletin. You can also read his book, The Emperor’s Sea Eagle.

In looking through the photo archives, I saw a picture of a Japanese sub right off the beach at Bellows Air Force Base. That’s just around the corner from Lanikai, where today’s episode was filmed. It gave me pause.

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Hawaiian words
Wai: water
Momi: pearl

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  1. Good to see you back on your feet and back at the beach.
    Great show today. I love the view of the Arizona Memorial from above.

  2. Another great show!!! Aloha!


  3. Great message. I love The Five People You Meet in Heaven. I have the DVD.


  4. Nice show Rox. I am going to the Pearl Harbor memorial ceremony on Thur. I am flying out tomorrow ( Wed.) and getting a hotel overnight since they will start letting people arrive, first come first seat, at 5:30 am. I will be trying to film everything. I am sure this will be a very special comemoration.

  5. I love this topic.

    Kent and I cried when saw the movie: Five People You Meet in Heaven.

    i think that the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission is a great model for how healing can come through forgiveness.


  1. […] of one of our favorite shows, filmed at the Cemetery of the Pacific. There has been considerable peace and reconciliation between the Americans and the Japanese here in Hawaii since World War II. My father fought in that […]