Beach Walk 283 – Breathe

Here is a Beach Walks Moment, a Monday meditation with poetry submitted by my yoga teacher, Frank D’Angelo.

This darn thing I have, flu, sore throat, whatever it is, is lingering. And by grace, my dear friend Frank sent me this poem today. I thought this would be a lovely way for all of us to start the week. Update: He found it here.

Secret Cameraman and I have also been imagining variations on our show format that give us some breathing room. So this seems to be a perfect synchronicity! We hope you enjoy it.

Hawaiian words
Hanu: breathe

Be in Touch!


  1. Woke up to a little weather this morning. Check the blog for a little message to Rox.

  2. perfect.

    Aloha and E ola!

  3. Thanks Frank


  4. Very NICE show. I will look at this again and again when I get hit with a foot of snow this winter. I am 5 minutes from Philadelphia but on the New Jersey side. Hope you are getting the rest you need. SCM get Rox a nice cup of tea with honey in it. That or a Jack and Coke.

  5. it’s been tea, but funny you should say that – my dad told SCM about the “jack” too!

  6. the website i posted is where i obtained the breathe words that i have been sharing and now Rox too has been spreading the heart moving breathe !
    thank you Rox and all who bring us beach walks………….
    much loving light to all