Beach Walk 282 – Winter Hawaii Style

So our winter is not like the more popular winter around the planet, but here it is nonetheless!

A nice walk on the beach today with gray sky, lots of wind, and just about every kite surfer in Kailua! Secret Cameraman got some great shots and edited an awesome show for us all.

Mahalo to Peter and Rich for sending in your snow pics, and mahalo also to Mike and Joe for your calls on the conch line. I can hardly wait to get back in the water myself!

E komo mai (welcome!) to those of you who heard about us from the BBC News Online.

Hawaiian words
Hoʻoilo: winter

Be in Touch!


  1. Hi Rox,
    Thanks for the plug for Joe’s Video, Etc. Sounds as though I can back away from the mic a little when skyping. 🙂 I was wondering why you chose the particular clip of mine to include, then it dawned on me. Oh right,…”Windy”. Ok, so I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes. Wow, kite-surfing looks like a blast. Ever tried it? If so, would love to see the video (hint, hint).

  2. Hey Rox,

    I just configured my Skype last night as well so get ready to hear from soon. As I mentioned before, my absolute least favorite way communicating these days is via voice. A few years back I worked in a call center enviroment and so I was consitenly on the phone, call after call. It was a very constricting feeling for me being literally attached to a phone for 8-10 hours a day so I think using a phone/voice now somehow brings that constricting feeling back to me sub-consciencely. Its actually your show that made me stop and explore that deeper and so now I realize its time for me to transition back into the ‘talking world’. Mahalo for that. Who knows, maybe I’ll be podcasting someday soon. I also bought a new iPod – 80gb video and of course, moving all my Beach Walks over was the very 1st thing I did 🙂

    Great video/editing (as usual). What beach was that?

    Aloha and E ola!

  3. Hey Rox, I windsurfed Kailua many years ago on a visit to see my brother who was living on Sunset beach. It wasn’t very windy but it was special sailing in the backyard of one of my sports idols…Robby Naish!
    Take care!

  4. Bring on the calls. As for kite-surfing, it’s on our to do list. We have some ideas about that…to be discussed later!

    Yes, Robbie Naish is a treasure.

  5. Hey Peter,

    That was Kailua beach, but around 1/4 mile from where we usually “walk.” Kailua beach is over 2 miles long and you can have a completely different beach experience by just walking 5 minutes down the beach. It’s really quite amazing.

    When you see the Mokes (Mokulua Islands “Twin Islands”) in the background then it’s probably Lanikai.

  6. Aloha Joe,

    Your Skype call was actually one of the clearest one’s we’ve received. Some are hardly understandable. Usually it sounds like it’s more a problem with a cell phone than Skype.

    One of the tricks we’ve learned when making Skype or Gizmo calls is to make sure you have quit other network applications. We’ve noticed dropouts and crackles when our email client is receiving mail while we’re on Skype/Gizmo. Surfing the Web, FTP, even busy IM sessions can degrade the performance in our experience.

    Just keep experimenting with your mic and the absolute best thing you can do, if you don’t already have one, is to get a “P Popper.”

    Amazing how something so simple can make such a huge difference.

  7. Thanks SCM. I got it now. Earth wasnt working too well on my mac.

  8. Personally, I have been going to hawaii every year since my family bought a time share on maui. I love it. i dont understand how people cant just go once. Io fell in love with it!