Beach Walk 281 – Mind Body the Flu Edition

Back on the beach, meditating on making use of the flu.

I’m not “well” but I’m feeling better and so we have a literal beach walk show for you today. I like to use illness and down time as a meditation opportunity. How might my body be opening up my perception? What’s going on with my throat chakra? I don’t buy 100% cause and effect, but I do like the exploration of “what if.”

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P.S. I passed on the swim. That’ll make Mom and Secret Cameraman happy.

E komo mai (welcome!) to those of you who heard about us from the BBC News Online.

Update – Thanks Peter for the typo alert on the title of this show. It’s fixed. You iTunes subscribers can fix it yourself if you’ve already downloaded the show. Just right-click on the episode and “Get Info.” You can edit the title there.

Hawaiian words
MaÊ»: sick
Puʻu: throat

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  1. … I find that there is a direct connection between my getting ill and things being wrong non-physically; and I feel that when we feel out of synch, down, or in some way not 100% in our mind (as well as our body), the body seems to provide the physical manifestation… or perhaps better put: the outlet.

    Hey Rox… hope you’re feeling a lot better and that the arctic conditions you’ve been suffering (all of 70F!!… I feel for you… 🙂 )… I know, I know: it’s all relative 🙂

  2. Rox, glad you are feeling a little better. Hey, I was playing around with this thought yesterday. I was thinking of all the people that I know that seem prone to always have a nose/ear/throat issue and it occurred to me that all of those people use some type of ear device daily- earbuds, bluetooth headset, or even earplugs to sleep at night. I wondered if there may be any collation between that. If there is any validity in that, I bet doctors are seeing a rise in such cases. I don’t know, just me thinking out loud.

    Aloha and E ola!

  3. Well, i just read the news about a strong winter storm in the midwest usa and i may appear a tad insensitive. 11 people have died from the snowstorm. i never mean to imply that i am suffering more than anyone else – just trying to report the facts as i experience them here in my isolated “belly button” of the universe.

    interesting observation on the ear buds thing. the throat chakra is indeed concerned with both speaking and listening, and those two portals, if you will, reside right there together in the body. so, are there any ENT MD’s watching the show who want to weigh in on this?

  4. oops… Sorry! My bad English humour!!

  5. Get better Rox!