Beach Walk 280 – No Talk, No Walk

Short show today as I continue my preference for no walk, no talk in favor of rest and restoration. No faking it up here at Beach Walks!

I saw this TV newscaster recently, all made up and dressed up. But her voice was barely audible. She was clearly sick. And I thought, “what’s so freakin’ important that she couldn’t stay home and get a sub??” So today, if you want more Beach Walks, please peruse our very rich archives. I’ve asked our frequent viewers to leave some comments of shows they like, as recommendations to those of you who may be new here.

I’m feeling better. Mahalo for all of your good blessings!

Here are few shows I like, in no particular order:
Beach Walk #100 – Lexi Talks
Beach Walk #94 – Going to Vloggercon
Beach Walk #154 – A Good Day Diving on the North Shore
Beach Walk #65 – A hui hou Joanie
Beach Walk #225 – Wish You Were Here!

E komo mai (welcome!) to those of you who heard about us from the BBC News Online.

Mahalo to Chris for being guest cameraman on Show #180. Please check out his PetFlight site to learn about traveling with your pets.

Hawaiian words
MaÊ»: sick

Be in Touch!


  1. Get well soon. Sending you good vibes so you can recover faster.

  2. I liked the massage one (#232). And of course, for purely selfish reasons #278 in which yours truly got a shout-out. 🙂

    And with respect to today’s topic, in addition to helping yourself heal by taking the day off, you also do your co-workers a favor by not exposing them to whatever bug you may have.

  3. good to see you taking good care of yourself.

  4. Hope your feeling better. I’ve got the bug as well.

  5. Sorry to see you are still down but also glad to see you taking it easy and not trying to work through this. I know it is hard for you to stop and just relax. Good job.
    To all the new Beach Walks viewers. Watch them all.
    Take care and see you on the beach soon.

  6. I think show #65 is my favorite and also #66 has a good message that pertains to #65.

    Aloha nui loa!

  7. Yeah, you can hear it. 😀

    There’s a lot of pressure involved in creating something ‘fresh’ every day. There’s the inspiration, there’s the topic, there’s the weather, etc etc.

    There’s something to be learned from not-doing, just like there is from doing.

    Recommended episode =

  8. Mahalo Everyone for the continued well wishes and support…and the comments! So many comments everyday! It’s a tremendous boost to our spirits after our long work days, to get up in the morning and have all these wonderful comments waiting for us. 🙂

    I’m providing links to the shows people mention above (thanks for the link, Bill!) to make it easier for everyone to get to those shows:

    Joe C said: #232 – Have You Had a Massage Lately and #278 – Ahhh Laziness

    Dad…er…I mean Rich R said: watch them all

    Peter D said: #65 (Rox linked above) and #66 – Getting Comfortable with Uncertainty

    A few of my personal favs in no particular order:
    #71 – Save the Internet
    #154 – A Good Day Diving on the North Shore
    #97 – Memorial Day in the Pacific
    #132 – Sea Creatures
    #150 – Walk With Me and Dream
    #218 – Safe Travel, Darling

  9. I’ve made a commitment to myself – If I have time to watch a show, I certainly have the time to leave a comment. It may sound silly that a videoblog can make a difference in someones life, but trust me, it does in mine. It’s my 5 mins of sunshine for the day. All your work and dedication is much appreciated.


    BTW – Rox rocks in #150! very cool.

  10. I’d have to agree with Peter D. I now look forward to the 5 minutes of sunshine each day.