Beach Walk #180 Rewind – Ono-licious!

Frog has taken up temporary residence in my throat so we bring you a rewind from the Made in Hawaii trade show last summer.

There were so many wonderful food booths at the Made in Hawaii Expo we had to devote a whole show to them! I only showed you items that I have taste-tested and personally enjoy, so please shop with confidence at these web sites!

Alii Kula Lavender
Hawaiian Vanilla
Kona Coffee Council
Rainbow Falls Connection – yes, that coconut butter lavosh is ono-licious!
PacifiKool Ginger

To see more from the Made in Hawaii show, please also go back and watch Show #178.

E komo mai (welcome!) to those of you who heard about us from the BBC News Online.

Mahalo to Chris for being guest cameraman on Show #180. Please check out his PetFlight site to learn about traveling with your pets.

Hawaiian words*
Ono: delicious

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  1. Great show! I’d like to see more coverage of events. I found it really interesting and informative and everything looked delicious (well, onolicious).
    Aloha and keep them coming!

  2. I am really really sick (I have a cold) and this was the perfect gift! I really appreciate you doing this rewind. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it chippered me up a bit. Thanks so much!


  3. Get better, Rox’s throat – we need her voice :)


  4. Hey Rox, I hope that you’re feeling better soon…throw those frogs back into the pond! Thanks for the rerun of this show..I hadn’t seen it before, and will be getting friends who are going to Hawaii next week to be on the lookout for some of the Pacifikool ginger syrup. It sounds very yummy. I also had a good laugh over Lexi’s little “beach dance” on yesterday’s beachwalks episode. Molly does the same thing whenever we put our shoes on. lol!

  5. oh now I am hungry! :)


  6. Personally, I have been going to hawaii every year since my family bought a time share on maui. I love it. i dont understand how people cant just go once. Io fell in love with it!