Beach Walk 278 OTR – Ahhh, Laziness

Joe from Connecticut emailed me about laziness. I thought I’d try it out today.

Laziness is one of those words/concepts that triggers a strong reaction and connotation. But as Joe points out on his blog laziness has accomplished all sorts of things! I like taking the opposite view of things on Beach Walks, and reclaiming language for ourselves. I feel a little flu trying to sneak in, so I decided to rest lazily in the video today.

I found interesting definitions here and they range from laziness being one the seven “deadly” sins (yikes!!!) to “relaxed and easy activity.” That sure makes laziness a confusing word, energetically speaking.

I hope you enjoy the outrigger canoe footage!

E komo mai (welcome!) to those of you who heard about us from the BBC News Online.

Hawaiian words
Moloā: lazy
Kuʻu: relax

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  1. Hi Rox,

    Loved your lazy walk on the beach. I found you through BBC. Why not talk about “HOPE!”

    Take care,
    Jane and cats

  2. I’d write a big long thank-you comment for mentioning my blog… but I’m too lazy.


  3. I think that periods of laziness can have a positive effect, as long as they don’t take hold and you then find it hard to break out of the rut. Being lazy can help recharge both your mind as well as your body, but also: laziness towards a particular job or task can also provide the right state of mind in which to cut through unnecessary and unproductive work/effort, in order to find the direct and easy solution to a problem.

    I for one, am a believer in working (and living) smarter, not harder…

  4. Kia ora from New Zealand. Found you through the bbc and was blown away by your vlog, which I think is a very important reminder that life isn’t all about running around trying to get ahead. How come I never heard of you until now?

  5. aloha,

    Jane – hope sounds like a good topic; i’ll out it on my un-list!
    Joe – LOL.
    Matt – Ive mssed you bro! You keep things in perspectve here at Beach Walks.
    Steve – Hmmm, why? I have no clue. Glad U R here now though.