Beach Walk 277 – Kailua Town

Hey, take a drive to the beach with us and see a little bit of Kailua, Hawai’i.

The sun is setting behind the mountains so we’re hurrying off to the beach, and showing you a little scenery on the way. You’ll see lots of joggers and bicyclists and people living the good life outside here in the islands.

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Kalapawai Market
Kailua Sailboards

E komo mai to those of you who heard about us from the BBC News Online.

Hawaiian words
Hale: house, building
Kai: sea, seaside
Lua: two
E komo mai” welcome

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  1. The .m4v file is not available. Just FYI.

  2. Hello Secret Cameraman and Rox,

    Loved loved loved the show. It adds a very unique perspective to your show. It was kind of like a “Behind the scenes” video. I like the town you drove through it seems very nice. Have a wonderful day.

  3. Watched the EP via .MOV instead: Great episode. Nice to see Hawaii in this manner. Perhaps someday you could go to some of the Mom & Pop shops of Hawaii to give us a feel for the people of Hawaii and the business of Hawaii.

    Thanks for a great show.

  4. Excellent show. Gives a little more foundation to what a beach walks show entails each day. I’m snowed/iced in up here in Seattle so ANY scenery with clear roads is good to see.

    Hey, how about if we all team up to share one of those big Hales right on the beach :)

    Mahalo and Alooooooha!

  5. Love the sound-seeing tour of Kailua – thanks Rox and SC. And thanks to Lexi for reminding us to be enthusiastic for the things we love – that we could always be happy and wag our tails everyday!

  6. Thanks for the info on m4v Colin. Typo! Problem solved.

    I was wondering if there might be interest in a Beach Walks Meetup here in Hawaii. Hmmm…

  7. Terrific show. Thanks! One of the great things about vlogs is that in addition to feeling like you know the people involved, you can feel like you know places as though you had really been there. And I think it owes to the simple, straightforward filming of the everyday. The houses, parking lots, schools, stores and overhead wires, too. :) There’s no manipulative editing, no overly wrought angle selections. It is what it is, and it rings of truth.

    And we got such a howl out of Lexi’s antics! We used to have a dog (a Golden retriever) and he used to go similarly bonkers when I’d put him in the back of the car to go to the golf club where he and I were the Canada Geese control team. When he caught sight of the fairways, he’d whimper and wiggle and wag and spin just like Lexi. Aren’t doggies great? :)

  8. After watching two of your episodes, I’m hooked on your show. Lanikai is one of our favorite beaches in the world. In fact, my sister used to live there.

    Aloha, Chilldogg

  9. Peter D. I am WAY with you on getting that house on the beach. How awesome would that be? :) Rox I am thinking about coming out next June 1st (my birthday) for 2 weeks with my girlfriend. Her daughter lives in Waianae. Her son in law is stationed at Pearl. I’d be up for a group meeting of Beach Walks fans then. We’d need a wide angle lens for that one for sure!!

    Take Care

  10. Thanks, Colin, for the heads up on the iPod version. T’was a late night and a file name change forgotten.

    Mahalos to everyone commenting. Here I was thinking, “We didnt’ even show Kailua Town proper” since we take a “back way” to the beach. Looks like we have shooting ideas for lots more shows ’round town. :-)

  11. Hey Rox – great show. I kind miss the beach walks but today’s was actually really interesting. Bill is right, it felt like a behind the scenes, which was cool. :)

  12. Hi Rox and Secret Camaraman,

    Thanks for the tour. We lived in Kailua from ’82 to ’87. I recognized the streets and some of the homes looked familiar. I’m glad to see the town looks pretty much the same. it gets me all nostalgic.