Beach Walk 276 – Trust or Faith

Trust. It’s different from faith, in my mind.

I like to use my understanding and experience of trust to relieve stress. As Joe mentioned in a comment yesterday, past history usually shows that despite our many worries, “the job eventually gets done.” So trust is based on having experience that we can use to be more conscious, and more relaxed, in this moment.

Faith? That’s often associated with “blind.” Much harder! Less logical. Calming for some, but stressful to others.

The crab we were watching had lots of trust that s/he could run dashing into the waves, knowing that s/he could bury in the sand or ride the surf, and still be just fine. That trust comes from experience and can feed the rational mind.

Hawaiian words
Hilinaʻi: trust
kālele: to have faith

Be in Touch!


  1. Absolutely… Trust /= Faith. Trust is based on something you feel you know, and one has Faith about something they DON’T know for sure.

    I’m still on Thanksgiving vacation, and had the opportunity to go the wrong way, walking through a neighborhood at night. I was looking for a stop sign, not realizing that when I called for instructions, the person that gave me those instructions thought I was somewhere different. In fact, there WAS no stop sign in the direction where I was walking. I had been AT the stop sign when I received the directions. So I kept walking in the relative darkness until I got to the end of the neighborhood. After that, it was pitch black. I needed the light from my cell phone to be able to see the road I was walking on. I had Trust that I was going to get to a stop sign, eventually. 🙂

    The signs I started seeing said “no dumping”! :O I kept walking, still trusting in the directions I had received. Eventually, I got to a sign indicating “winding roads” and realized that there weren’t going to be any stop signs in that direction. That’s when my Trust ran out, and I called again for directions.

    Walking back through the same area in the perfect dark, I was relying on Faith, hahaha 🙂 Faith that there wasn’t some form of treacherous wildlife out here in the sticks in the dark. Faith that my walk back was going to be as uneventful as my walk into the woods. Faith that nobody/nothing could see me anyway, because I was wearing all black…..

    Eventually, I got where I was going. I realized when thinking about it that my Trust in the instructions only took me to the end of the neighborhood. It was my Faith that took me into the woods, because I believed the whole time that everything would work out. That doesn’t mean it was GOING to work out… just that I BELIEVED it would! 😀

  2. Being an agnostic, I try not to “believe” or “have faith” in anything. That is, to accept an assertion without seeing some reasonable, non-supernatural explanation or support for it. Or to be superstitious when my brain, without my permission, invents a fanciful explanation for some good or bad event. For instance, using white golf tees because I once played better using them. It’s tough to be a human and not be superstitious. Your brain, left to its own devices, is altogether too capable of inventing nonsense. Of course, that’s what art and invention are, too. More good news, bad news, eh?

  3. I can tell you one thing – I trust that each episode of Beach Walks is better than the last!

    Great work over the last few (I’m playing catch up).

    Trust and faith are definitely very different from each other. And you hit the nail on the head with your description. Faith is the expectation of things not yet beheld, while trust is normally built off of the opposite – expectation from experience.

    Great episode. Keep them up.

    Oh. To secret cameraman. The production value of Beach Walks is top notch. Cinematography (Hawaii helps you a little here 😉 ), editing, sound quality, the entire package. Very well done and you deserve considerable kudos for the work you do.

  4. I really enjoy this topic.

    I just went to a workshop on Nonviolent Communication that models methods for understanding this philosopy “of letting go” which you embody so well at Beachwalks.

    I am realizing that it has to do with the distinction between needs and strategies. It is about embracing needs while not getting attached to strategies.
    You can usually trust that a need will be met with some kind of strategy.
    And if it can’t?
    Well, then you can still embrace the need anyway and still find a sense of inner peace.

  5. I’m not sure if you are saying that we will wind up in the same place whether we let go and let life unfold for us, or we force life to drag us there.

    Love your show. Hawaii is beautiful.

  6. Mucho Mahalos for the kind words, Colin!

    Being able to film on one of the most beautiful and most famous beaches in the world, Kailua and Lanikai, sure doesn’t hurt. 😉

    But I’m also learning to take credit for all the hard work we’ve done and continue to do in order to get a show out in our spare time every single day. And it still amazes me that Rox does it on her own when she’s on the road!

    It is definitely not easy walking backward, in wet sand with waves washing up as high as your knees, all while keeping Rox in frame, preferrably in 1/3 frame as you other videographers know.

    It’s funny…I remember complaining to Rox during show #17 (over 250 shows ago) that I thought we had shot all the possible angles and trees and beach scenes that we could. I had no idea what we’d be shooting the next day or in any future shows. But I’m still learning it’s all about the content. And the fact that Rox can just think this stuff up every single day between the car and the beach is what is really amazing. The scenery is just icing on the cake.

    So, many mahalos for the recognition. 🙂

  7. Hey welcome (e komo mai!) to those of you who read about us in the BBC News Online.

    I love all of your thoughtful comments. And Bill, you’ve introduced a new twist on things – trusting your instincts when the apparent facts are not holding true.

    Jen, I often think that staying really clear on how ridiculously small my actual needs is a shortcut to inner peace almost no matter what else is going on. Another useful piece of knowledge not taught in our institutions but found by luck and happenstance.

  8. P.S. I am not sure if we end up at the same place or not. I think we are free to flow or fight as much as we want, and that if something is truly relevant to us, it will keep showing up in different ways until we embrace it. Some would say we are “better” the faster we “get it” but I don’t ascribe to that.