Beach Walk 275 – Trust

Trust. It’s simple, if not always easy.

So many times I’ve been at the back of the car with Lexi and Secret Cameraman, putting on the mic, and thinking (or saying out loud), “I have no idea what to talk about today.

Somehow, I get an idea by the time I make to 50-100 steps to the beach.

Often, the #2 tries to bring up the “end of the world scenario.” But I’ve learned to just smile and head to the sea for inspiration. So far, it’s working!

Hawaiian words
Hilinaʻi: trust

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  1. I’m a software engineer (i.e., programmer), and my #2 can really his knickers in a twist when we encounter a particularly recalcitrant bug or problem. Talk about end-of-the-world worrying. But quite a few years ago I came to realize that we always eventually do find the problem, or a work-around. It’s a great example of a situation where one needs to relax and let the solution present itself. I now go home at the end of the day and completely forget about the problem, knowing that that is the best way to solve it. It complements my belief that laziness can be a virtue… 🙂

  2. Congratulations Rox,
    You just made lemonade without a lemon!

  3. Hi Rox,
    Well, after almost 3 months with no hi-speed to download your show, I am once again able to get my daily fix of my favorite wahine and her faithful companions. In fact, I am almost in your backyard. I’m working out in Hilo until Feb. I definitly plan on making a trip to Oahu at some point and would love to be able to drop by and see the Beachwalks team in action. Take Care!

  4. I think I am the person still trying to figure out how to trust fully, however I think the majority of that process is just claiming (both internally and also externally) that you already fully trust and then it leads into this cycle where you affirm that you trust, things work out, it gives you more reason to believe so you re-affirm and it goes on and on.

    Hey, here’s something I think about from time to time that might make for a good subject. Have you ever noticed how things workout in the world such as, say you want an ice cream so you go to the ice cream store. You get there and there might be a line of 3 or 4 people ahead of you but actually, if you think about it why isn’t there 500 people wanting ice cream at the very same time and place as you are? I mean, its a warm day out, there are thousands of people in the near vicinity. What prevents that from happening? Is it because the ice cream shop owner has built a small shop and only expects and plans for a few customers at a time? In other words, is it his intentions he has sent out into the universe or is it “just how thing randomly occur” in the world?


  5. Great show 🙂 Nice optimistic-mindset in starting out my day…

  6. frank dangelo says

    thanks for the healing energy
    much love frank

  7. Wow mahalo for all of your wonderful comments.
    Joe – yes, laziness is a vastly under-rated quality. I love the list you emailed.
    Dan – i like that thinking.
    Steve – come on over and be *on* Beach Walks! [Steve is one of the very first viewers of Beach Walks, his video won our 100th Show Contest. Check out the link in the upper right column of the home page.]
    Peter – i have no idea! i like to think that the universe is co-creative space though, that responds to our intentions.
    Mike and Frank – mahalo, and i love these reminders for myself too.
    love, rox

  8. Nice video! I read about you at the BBC. I love Hawaii and enjoy Hawaiian music. Next summer I hope to make a video about marine animals in Hawaii. Aloha

    You can find our videos on YouTube.