Beach Walk 274 – Good News, Bad News

Many things in life come as a “good news, bad news” package. I like to remember that frequently.

It rained hard last night and that produced very clear skies. Alas, it also produced some muddy runoff from the mountains into Kailua Bay. I met a cool, “ginormous” Irish wolf hound on the beach, and alas, I lost my train of thought. The little #2 likes to think life should be perfect, that I’ll know I am safe and successful once there is no more bad news. Sorry! The two often go hand in hand; one actually necessitates or promotes the other.

And of course I use the terms “good” and “bad” with affection and a wink of the eye.

If you’re new to Beach Walks, watch “Show #102” to learn what I mean about the #2.

Hawaiian words
Maikaʻi: good
ʻaʻole maikaʻi: no good

Be in Touch!


  1. Well put.

  2. In my experience, somewhere down the road my ‘bad news’ of today actually turns out to be the ‘better’ news but I just couldn’t see it at the time. Pohaku has taught me that’s EWOP = Everything is Working Out Perfectly.


  3. My God… that dog – it’s huge! It was pulling that guy all over the place 🙂

  4. It was nice of that dog to take that man for a walk…

  5. cute dog and the owner is not to bad herself for an older chick.

  6. For just a minute I could invision myself with my Irish Wolf Hound on the beach… oh what a dream. Count your blessings.

    Kirk Hanna

    Irish Wolf Hound info