Beach Walk 273 – Slow Learner

OK. So I am a slow learner. Seems a lot of others who watch BW know how to put themselves first. (See the poll results.)

It really helps me hear from you all how you are managing your lives. Here’s my typical scenario: I try to exercise in the AM, otherwise there is a very good chance I won’t get to it. (Lexi is a big nudge in the morning too!) Then I come back and hit the desk. Where I stay until dinner, and to which I usually return after dinner. Life in paradise eh?


Hawaiian words
Lohi: slow
Haumana: student

Be in Touch!


  1. The bit you mentioned from Colin about 8 solid hours vs. 16 scattered hours is very true. Unfortunately, that situation seems to bet worse every year because more and more we are always expected to be “available”. Which is to say, “interruptable.” And technology, in the form of pagers, PDAs, cell-phones, BlackBerries and Bluetooth earpieces all aid and abet that interrupt-driven work profile.

  2. Good point about all the added technology formats Joe. I think the trick is to “train” those that you work with on what format you prefer and then make them stick to it. As for me, I rarely answer my phone anymore – actually it doesn’t ring much anymore because everyone knows that if they need me, to email or text me so that I can reply back at my convenience. This allows to me to get a snippet of who needs what so than I can prioritize it with what I am currently working on. It really does streamline my daily life and it seems like others appreciate it also because when I do get back to them, I am able to give them 100% of my attention. I think its a good balance for the Who Comes First issue. Just what works for me.


  3. Yes I agree. I no longer turn on IM as there were too many interruptions. Funny how each of these bits of technology is helpful initially but in the aggregate and over time, they move more towards overload energy. The point about “training people how to treat you” is one of my favorites. (BW #119 for how this applies in families.)

  4. Rox: I heard my name on Beach Walks! Yipee!

    It is incredibly difficult to balance the “I want to be the best at what I do” with the “I want to work to live, not live to work” mentalities. But once a balance is struck, it becomes fairly easy to maintain.

    What I find is that I can setup a series of checks to see if I’m wandering off-course. I ask myself “When was the last time I was outside during the day?, When was the last time I stopped to cook a meal for my wife? When was the last time that I’ve had friends over during the week for some games, wine, a meal, etc.?” Questions like these can really help us to incrementally check on whether or not we’re working too hard.

    Work to live, do not live to work.