Beach Walk 271 – First is Good

Who comes first? You or your clients/job? I am learning to put me and my family first and Hawai’i is helping.

I prefer to come to the beach for a walk and swim in the morning. But the past two days Lexi and I’ve barely made it before sunset! Client calls and client work took precedence. And in a related event, Secret Cameraman is home sick with the flu. He hardly ever gets sick, but he has been working long hours and it seems to have caught up with him.

I think consciousness is being able to put platitudes in action. At the end of the day, it’s my job to take care of me and no one else’s. The clients, lovely as they may be, aren’t going to stick around for me if I can’t deliver for them. Here’s the tricky part: I can deliver better for them when I am happy and feel in control of my schedule, not by succumbing to all of their (sometimes unreasonable) demands. If I am feeling too pressured or underpaid or otherwise dissed, well, all bets are off!

Hawaiian words
Mua: first
Hana: job, work

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  1. Well, you’ve really hit a hot button with me on this topic, Rox. The place where I work has a lot of people that never seem to have enough time to go out for lunch, or have a drink after work or exchange pleasantries in the corridor. They take conference calls at night at home, leave their families to travel and seem constantly stressed out and late for something. It seems to be a fact of everyday life nowadays that never existed, it seems, when I was younger.

  2. Hi Rox,

    I have always tried to live as simple as possible. I put God first my family second then work third. So far my life has been in balance and I am happy. I believe what ever works for the individual is what they need to do for themselves. The thing that I am realizing as I get older (I’m 36) is that what you put out there so to speak is what you get back. Show love and love comes back to you and if you show ill will then you get ill will back etc… That I think is Karma. I have been watching your vlog for some time now and enjoy it. Aloha. 🙂

  3. Hi Rox,
    Putting someone first means subordinating someone else. Waiting until the end of the day can be neglecting the rest.
    The operative rule for us salty dogs is “One hand for the ship, one hand for the sailor.”

  4. Get well soon “Secret Cameraman” (S.R. as I call him).

  5. Yep, right on.
    Actually since becoming a BWwR viewer, I now make it a point to break a couple times a day at work for myself – I mean I’ve still got archives to catch up on 🙂 As far the customer thing – I work in wireless and have made it a point on numerous occasions to advise the customer to switch carriers because their coverage is better for the area they use it most (installing new cell sites is not a quick process), but I’ve always noticed that my co-workers wont because they feel that we are loosing business for our company. As a customer, I would love to hear that kind of honesty and the way I think about it is that for every 1 customer we “loose” there’s probably 2 others having the same issue on another carrier who need to switch to us. Just think how much wasted time and frustration could be avoided if we all were honest with our customers.

    Get well quick Mr. Secret Cameraman.

    Hey, have a great Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for my Beach Walk 🙂


  6. Secret Camera Man – get well and get plenty of TLC! Fun to see Brent Dog and Lexi in today’s BWs.

  7. I guess do you live to work or work to live? I heard that if you love your job you’ll never have to work another day.

    It is nice to see you back on the beach. Get well soon SCM!

  8. Well, this has hit a “noive”! I think I’ll chat some more about this on today’s show, as it’s going to be another end of the work day episode!

  9. Mahalo to everyone for the Get Well wishes. I’m feeling much better today. Well enough to get out with Rox and Lexi and shoot show #272.

    I hope you all have a great holiday and safe travels if you’re heading out this weekend!

  10. Rox: I didn’t get a chance to comment specifically about the show, so I will now (this is prior to watcing “I’d rather be surfing”).

    I think I’m pretty fortunate to have learned rather early what you’ve discovered about taking care of yourself positions yourself for success. 8 hours of highly productive, lucid activity is far better than 16 so-so hours.

    Like the you and Secret Cameraman, I’m self-employed. I draw the line “in the sand” (pun completely intended) at around 8 hours per day. Some days though, my brain and body sends me signals that it is time to quit early – and so I do. I really think that each and every person is different and to force people to be productive between the hours of 9-5 is just not human (though we’ve all come to get used to that). I think everyone has “their time” that they are most productive and so they should take advantage of that – not look at it as a taboo subject.

    Having said all that. I hope you have a great day and that you all find your balance between working at a fever pitch (another pun intended), and surfing the day away.

    Secret Cameraman: Glad to see you’re up and about. How come you’re never on IM anymore!!?!?! 😉