Beach Walk 266 OTR – Global Warming Central

I haven’t seen the sun since I arrived in Michigan 4 days ago. That creates a big demand for heating and lighting, both to be functional and reasonably cheerful.

So it feels a little like “global warming central” here at the parents’ house. As usual, I have a quirky take on things and how we might creatively address the problem. 🙂 I’d love to hear your ideas and opinions, as this show relates to those who live in cold northern climates as well as those who live in sunny moderate/warm climates.

Hawaiian words
Hoʻomahana: warm over a fire
Huʻihuʻi: chilly

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  1. Deal! Stop by Seattle and pick me up on your way back 🙂


    (I also have some comments about indoor lighting and the Pac NW, but I’ll save that for tomorrow)

  2. Amsterdam friend Victor lived mostly in the 16’x12’x60′ long hold of his Dutch cargo-ship on the Amstel River. He had approximately 30 bales of straw there which served as furniture(chairs,table,bed) & partitions.
    It was unique, comfortable, and, brightened via stained-glass skylights quite lovely. Certainly a bucolic contrast to the surrounding hard-edged city.
    Each week as winter approached a few bales would be rearranged to make the living space smaller and better insulated. By January when the outside temperature hardly ever rose above freezing, I would visit Victor comfortably living(without a heater) in one small room whose walls were at least 4′ thick!
    As the warmer weather of spring came, bales were moved and the home gradually became more expansive.
    Perhaps we can shut off/not use parts of our homes to reduce energy consumption?
    May the inner glow of generosity warm your spirit wherever you are. Aloha

  3. Dan, great story. I totally agree about shutting off parts of our homes to reduce energy – I do this in 2 guest rooms of my house all winter.
    Hoping to see you back in the sun soon Rox!

  4. part of what i was feeling but did not exactly communicate was that there is an emotional/psychological cost to global warming. suicide rates are much higher in far north climates; winter can be hard and depressing; using energy is a way to survive more comfortably. i am big fan of energy saving devices and behavors; but there’s more to it than just saying turn off the lights and drive a smaller car. i think if we understand some of the underlying reasons for high energy use, then it will be easier to address consumption.