Beach Walk 265 OTR – Claim Your Name

I changed my name a few years ago, and it turns out to have been much ado about nothing. How might that apply to you?

Listen to the show to hear the details. As usual, Beach Walks takes little daily events and attempts to glean some user-friendly tips for a happy life!

Thanks to my friend Helen for the hair bow. She is only 3 years old, but when I gave her the flower I was wearing, she instantly took this ribbon out of her hair and reciprocated. I was so touched by her sweet gesture!

Hawaiian words
Inoa: name

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  1. Wow, that was really helpful as I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing for some time.
    The reason is that I’m going through a transition in my life and I no longer feel identified with the name my mom chose for me as it refers to a man in the Bible who was nothing but a victim and I no longer think that’s apropiate since I don’t feel like that and I’m struggling to take control of my own life.
    At the same time, I can’t help but thinking that I’m betraying who I’ve been all this time and even my family. Don’t knot what will come out of this in the end, but listening to your story was really helpful. Thanks for posting.

  2. Same here! And just haven’t yet for several reasons. As for the last name, we were in the process of adopting and thought that we would both take the last name of the child that we adopt so that they know what an important part of our family they are and that we don’t put them though having to change their name for us. As for my first name, I had started “looking” for what I felt it “needed” to be but then it occurred to me that I should let that go and let the name come to me…all in perfect time.
    So ya, this show was very helpful because I too have gone through all the thoughts of what other people would think. I gave up worrying about that but it was so good to hear that its a much more common thing than what I perceived it to be. Theres that word again 🙂

    Mahalo Rox.

  3. I like this one. Somehow, I dig the NYC background more than the Hawaii one!

  4. yes i love being able to communicate so easily and share these little neurotic experiences that turn out to be so minor.

    how’s a parent to know what energy a child will bring in with him/her? at the time i was changing mine, i was thinking the parents could name the child for the first phase, then maybe there would be this normal next phase when the person checks in to see if the name still fits. there are so many decisions in life that are made in advance of having all the energy/info available. i think the freedom to change my mind is one of life’s yummiest pleasures!

    hey jonny – this show was actually in michigan, but i can understand your fondness for new york.

  5. Glad to see moms smiling, laughing and joking with her arm in that cast. 😀 I’m sure your being around there is helping to keep her spirits up!

    If you think about it, your parents are the ones that gave you the name you carried until you changed it. It wasn’t your idea. You answered to it, because it was “your” name, but it didn’t necessarily express who you felt YOU were. Now you have a name that YOU chose and that YOU’RE happy with and that represents you to whomever you meet. 🙂

    My name won’t be changing, because it’s my father’s name and his father’s name, so I’m representing the dynasty. At the same time, I use the version “Bill” of my given name, “William”. I suppose that could be a form of changing one’s name, but it’s a direct derivative. Regardless, ‘who I am’ isn’t determined by the name I use.

    You didn’t choose your name like you didn’t choose your elementary school. You can’t do anything about past education, but everything you can affect about yourself right now…. is potentially subject to change.

    Thank You,
    The Management

    PS – Being A) who I am, and B) a guy, so I don’t have to even think about these things….. I’ve never understood the tossing of maiden names for the husband’s name when a woman gets married. I mean, I understand WHY it’s done… indicating ‘property of’ or ‘belonging to’ or ‘aligned with’ the husband’s family. I suppose though, that’s part of the dream that’s sold to little girls along with their “baby dolls” and kitchen appliances they get to play with…. to eventually become

    “Mrs. Whomever”

  6. I really liked this one. My name isn’t really a problem for me since it is used as a character on a popular TV show in the 90’s so for some reason people feel instantly familiar with me.

    However, it has made me think about a lot of things even with my business. I’ve thought things would be really big and they turned out to be not so big, hard, and were easily accepted.