Beach Walk 261 OTR – 2nd reaction is what counts

Snap judgments are nearly impossible to avoid; focus on your second reaction.

It’s one thing to want to avoid snap judgments, but I think they are inevitable! What to do then? Well, being aware of the first reaction, and paying attention to the second reaction – that’s where we actually can direct our thoughts in the direction we want.

These first reactions usually result directly from a lack of information or understanding, and a long line of historical messages. Walk with me in Central Park as we talk more about this topic and my previous experience in the NY Marathon.

Many mahalos for Bill C. of for filming today’s episode with me.

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Pāka: park

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  1. frank dangelo says

    luv the way the end of the video on prejudice…first response was an example of what you are sharing!
    the lady with the dog at the end , brilliant

  2. Great show Rox. I wonder how many of us spend the 1st half of our lives learning from our family, society, religion and then our 2nd half of our lives UNlearning all that or I guess more like your Filters show yesterday, filtering out what we’ve been taught from the outside instead of listening to our true inner self.


  3. David in Galveston, Tx says

    I love the way you talked about our ingrained prejudices…and how we first reach to things. How a persons energy comes across really does affect our sense of connection. I just wanted to say again congrats on your 3 vloggy awards. Today is my 35th birthday and we saved an extra cupcake for you and lexi. ~ Aloha from david in galveston, texas ~