Beach Walk 259 OTR – Love is an action word

As promised, meet Ellsworth Forrester, a musician by heart and a cabbie by hand.

I took a cab in the pouring rain yesterday to meet Bill Cammack of It turns out the driver is an accomplished musician with a positive loving message in all of his songs. Born in Grenada in the Caribbean, Ellsworth started his musical pursuits at age 50!

To learn more about Ellsworth, please visit:
His page on

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Hawaiian words
Mele: music

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  1. Rox, you have an amazing ability to have “chance” encounters. 🙂

    I followed the link to Ellsworth’s page on CD Baby and randomly selected a sample track to listen to. By the time the 3rd sample track started I had already placed an order for ALL 3 of his CDs!

    I also dropped him an email from the CD Baby site via the link right on his page to let him know I saw him on Beach Walks, bought his CDs, and what a wonderful story he has.

    CD Baby rocks and a majority of the sale goes to the artist unlike regular store sales or online sites like iTunes.

    Nice job, Rox!

  2. I love that phrase: “Art as a labor of love”.
    What a creative soul.
    Great story!

  3. Excellent. This reminds me that some of my most inspiring conversations in life have been with people who are stereo typed as some how negative (a NY cab driver, a homeless person asking for money). Its sad that these perspectives arent broken more often in life. Theres a lot of Ellsworths out there and they have a lot to offer this world.


  4. Another great show. Thanks for bringing us the un-ordinary, interesting, and something for us to follow-up on. I will go to the website and take a peak. And Rox and secret cameraman, thanks for the show.

  5. also, I have the phrase “love is an action word.” Because, it’s true.