Beach Walk 258 OTR – Free to Be in NYC

A rainy day in NYC, Bill Cammack of joins me under cover by the Hudson River to talk about the personal freedoms to be found in the midst of a crowd.

Bill is a native New Yorker who loves the city, and explains how the creativity and competition works here for him. In a crowded place, it’s possible to diversify yourself in an unlimited number of ways. He’s an Emmy Award-winning video editor currently working as a free-lancer.

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Noʻonoʻo hana: creative

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  1. Bill has great energy! Really seems like someone I would like hanging out with and talking story. And he’s posted some great comments here at Beach Walks and on his own site.

    Just amazing that we all can now make virtual and physical connections with people 6,000 miles away that we would otherwise probably not have the opportunity to meet.

  2. Thanks, SC. 🙂

    Rox is fantastic! We passed by WTC, then had a VERY interesting (and in many cases, for me, enlightening) conversation.

    I said just the same thing. The net enables us to sample each other’s ideas, and meet, virtually or IRL, people with similar interests and mindsets… who might just live in places you never planned to go. Amazing.

    Thanks Rox for a great afternoon! 😀


  1. BeachWalks in NYC!…

    Roxanne Darling of was in town today. I had a great time this afternoon.
    Here’s the “BeachWalk” we did together: Beach Walk #258 OTR
    initially, we were going to meet up with Jan… another videoblogger, but it tu…

  2. […] About the third thing she mentions in the interview is that she and I did a beachwalks episode together, and I see b-roll that we shot for the intro and a section of us chatting. Our BeachWalk #258 was posted November 9th and Rox said on “Focus” that we did it ‘yesterday’, and the Pulver party was on November 15th. Assuming David actually watched that episode, either because he actually watches BeachWalks With Rox or just preparing for his show, that means that he saw an episode of mine the same way I had seen an episode of his. […]

  3. […] Here’s the “BeachWalk” we did together: Beach Walk #258 OTR […]

  4. […] Roxanne & Shane, founders & owners of Bare Feet Studios & have been consulting and in the internet industry a lot longer than I have and I was fortunate enough to receive some vital coaching from both of them concerning Time, specifically relating to being a freelancer. Roxanne Darling & Bill Cammack – Beachwalk #258 […]