Beach Walk Rewind – 98 Kailua Beach Clean Up

Presenting our first Beach Walks “Rewind” – please enjoy Kailua Beach Clean Up, originally posted as show #98.

I flew in to New York today, and ran out of time to get a show together. Since we have so many new viewers from Akimbo and the publicity around the Vloggies, we decided to rewind back to show #98 – one of our favorites. I hope you enjoy it!

We’re on Akimbo! That is a service that lets you download selected programs from the internet and watch it on your TV. Beach Walks is one of only 8 video podcasts to be accepted!

Hawaiian words
ʻŌpala: trash
Puni nani: beauty loving

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  1. I like the biodegradable idea and that applies to a lot of things that end up as trash. What I see around here is fast-food trash. For some reason, people who eat MacDonald’s or Burger King will think nothing of tossing all their paper waste out the car window. It’s really disgusting and irksome to me. There’s a nice road through a heavily wooded land preserve and watershed near my house called Pequot Trail, which follows an old Indian trail. It’s an officially designated “scenic road”, in fact. There’s one stretch I travel frequently, and several time a month, in this one particular area, I’ll see fresh MacDonalds’ trash that was obviously tossed out someone’s window the night before. I have a hard time with that kind of arrogance, to wait until you’re on a deserted stretch at night and then toss your crap for someone else to pick up.

  2. Hey, i’m r3wind! – hehe. Really nice to meet you rox. And again, congrats on the awards.

  3. I know what you mean, Joe. When I first moved to New Mexico from Iowa I was sitting at a red light in Albuquerque. The driver of the pickup in front of me just tossed his entire fast food lunch out the window. Mind you, he didn’t toss out everything all nice and wrapped up in the bag. No. He tossed out the bag, then the french fry cup thingy, then the wrapper for the burfer, then the napkins and what I guess was the ketchup packets. Then as the light turned green and we started to move, out came the soda cup. He literally cleaned out his truck, one item at a time while sitting at that light.

    I was so taken aback I couldn’t speak. I was furious and sad and surprised all at the same time.

    I don’t know what goes through people’s heads, or fails to go through their heads, when they just throw trash on the ground or out their car window. Perhaps they think someone else will deal with it or the Trash Fairy will come along and scoop it up?

    What I do know is that these people also go hiking in the mountains, and they go to the beach and they leave their trash and cigarette butts behind as if it’s someone else’s problem. I really don’t understand it…

  4. Just wanted to say how refeshing I found your non-judgemental view of smokers to be! I’m a smoker myself and have always wondered if my cig ends were biodegradable – i always assumed they were. Sometimes its so difficult to find any alternative to stubbing them out on the floor, you can’t really pocket them while they’re still burning – and it would be more dangerous to throw them in a waste bin – something that most non-smokers often suggest. I like the idea of the disposable beach ashtray! Another option, which i often have to resort to is to take an empty tin can or bottle and use that – then dispose of it carefully. Thanks for not leading into the expected rant and assuming that smokers don’t care about the environment too! 🙂 p.s okay, okay i’m giving up soon!!!

  5. Papillon, I’d like to wish you the very best in quitting smoking.

    If you’re so inclined, keep us posted here on how it’s going for you. Having the supportive energy of people from around the world can make an amazing difference.

  6. Loved the show. Watching you getting down into what you were doing was great. What I mean is this; you’re this beautiful beach babe walking the beach but you don’t pretend not have a care in the world. You do have cares and you show them. Not only that but you do something about it. Not just from a far but with your own two hands. I would cringe if my daughters wanted to do that but I would have to let them follow their convictions as you set the example. We want to protect the ones we love and I felt that this show certainly displayed you protecting the beach you so obviously love. Blessings from Lorin on the West Coast of Cali.