Beach Walk 246 – Passionate and not Invested

I really want you to vote for us in the Vloggies (I feel that passionately!) but it doesn’t matter if I win or not.

Being passionate about something yet detached from the results is a real “zen” thing to accomplish, yet I tackle these sorts of goals every day! I try to see how much I can tap into my true preferences, and then, “drop it” and let the universe take over for me. After all, there’s much more going on than I can see from behind my own eyes.

Hawaiian words
Konikoni: passion
Lilikoi: passion flower
Hoʻokaʻawale: detach

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  1. Can’t resist a woman on her knees! ;) But seriously folks, hahaha…

    Passion… Investment… Passion & Investment… Passion without Investment… Investment without Passion……..

    I think that a lot of people are invested without having passion. They think they have passion for what they’re invested in, but they really don’t. They don’t realize that what they’re doing isn’t really ‘floating their boat’. I think this is often the case in ‘the rat race’… people running around trying to get more money, when the money they already have isn’t making them happy or satisfied with their lives as-is. I think it happens in relationships too, where people no longer feel passionate about someone, yet they stay with them, because either they have too much invested in that person at this point… or they’re scared to be on their own again…..

    I think it’s tough to be passionate without being invested. Take a sports fan, for instance (‘fan’ being short for FANATIC!!!, but that’s a different topic). They’re emotionally invested in their team winning, and that emotion becomes passion. They’re NOT invested in some other team winning, so they’re not passionate about that…. unless that other team beats THEIR team! :D Without the investment to focus on, generation of passion is difficult.

    I think a lot of people mistake passion for investment. They believe they’re invested until their passion becomes focused in a different direction…..

    I think the ability to separate investment from passion is important, yet elusive.

    I think the ability to be passionate without being invested is rare.

    Good Luck with your Vloggies! :D

    ~Bill C.~

    PS – I didn’t know you were on Jonny’s show last night. I would have said ‘hey’. ;)

  2. Good luck Rox, Lexie and Secret Camera man. When will the results be known?

  3. I think when I am “invested” that it is a form of “give to get.” It also means I am expecting a certain return, otherwise I will be unhappy. (Sports fans are a great examples! Is it about the pendent – yes for commercial reasons – but the real fun is in playing the game!)

    I think that can interfere with actually playing the game with maximum passion – because I may become focused on the end result, the “product” rather than paying full attention to the here and now, the “process.” Not easy, to be sure.

    Anyway, it’s fun for me to play with all the different energies. The results will be announced next Saturday night, Nov 4th.

  4. Good luck with Vloggies. Will be thinking about you that day and know there will great news coming.

    The bad news is I didn’t see your name on the “Best Vlogg”list. I hope I didn’t just miss it as I went over it several times.

    Once again “good luck”, D

  5. Yes… “give to get”. Often, the ‘giving’ is only prompted by the expected ‘getting’.

    In the workplace, people give their time to get money. If you take away the getting of the money, the vast majority of those people would stop coming to that job. Their investment was in getting money to pay their bills and fund their extracurricular activities… NOT going to that job and working just for the sake of working.

    Similarly, employers give money to get people to work for them. If the employees stop working, the employer loses the incentive to pay them.

    In relationships, people give special attention and privileges to their SOs because they perceive that they’re getting something special back from them. If the perception of the SO’s behavior changes, privileges are retracted. Without the “get”, the incentive to “give” disappears.

    The only way around it is to “give to give”. That’s a lot easier to do for people that don’t need the “get” part, and can just enjoy doing something for the sake of doing it and ‘being in the moment’.

    If you love what you do for work, you can do it just to do it… getting paid is merely a fringe benefit.

    If you love someone, and not the relationship they claim to be in with you, receiving love back from them is very nice… but still a fringe benefit, because your enjoyment comes from loving them.

    “Give to give” isn’t easy to achieve. It’s a luxury… An acquired taste.

  6. We are listed as both Roxanne Darling and Beach Walks – kinda confusing. For Best Vlog – it’s Beach Walks with Rox right after “Ask A Ninja.” Seems the voting is still open (8:0* pt as I write) so have at it people!

  7. I had played with Lexi Oct 26th.
    I came back to JAPAN today.
    Thank you for happy time with good gorl, Lexi.
    If I will go to HAWAII, I hope so play with Lexi.
    Thank you so much!! and Happy Birthday Lexi!!

  8. I can’t believe it. The longest I’ve every missed watching you and I totally missed the vloggie award voting. I’m just now catching up on all your shows.

    Good luck at the awards. I’ll have to email you the picture I took with you at Podcast expo too.