Beach Walk 244 – Surf’s Up!

A chilly fall day (under 80 degrees and cloudy that is) but the surf was up. That means quit promptly at 5 pm and head to the beach!

My friend Lana called on her way home from work who said her boyfriend Chris had heard from the guys who cut their grass (and a lot of beach front homes too) that big waves were in town. I just love that word-of-mouth! So we all headed over to Kailua Beach with the boogie board and caught some great rides.

Most days Secret Cameraman and I work til close to midnight. It’s crazy! This was a good chance to just drop everything and head to the beach, for fun, for us. And lucky you, we brought the vidcam too. 🙂

I think this is one of top 10 shows!! Secret Cameraman really did an awesome job of editing.

Special Episode #244 Music is from Neil Smith: Crowd Surfin’ USA.
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Hawaiian words
Nalu: surf
Hana: work
Pau: all done

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  1. What a fun episode, great job! Gives me some happy energy on a rainy day in my world.

  2. Loved the show! Yes, great editing by secret cameraman! Lots of Fun! I was “groovin” with the classis surf flick music!

  3. this was great…loved the editing…way to go secret camerman! I’ve cast my votes for you Rox so good luck, and I hope you win!

  4. Much mahalos to each of you! We all really appreciate your love and your votes. 🙂

  5. Mahalo everyone. We don’t always have time to do as much fancy and fun editing as I/we would like. We’re just happy to get a show out each and every day!

    But it is very rewarding to hear how much you all enjoy it! 🙂