Beach Walk 242 – Debunking Double Standards

The way I debunk double standards is to separate the content from the structure. In this example, it’s the case of the cardinal’s blog.

One of the discussion lists I read was talking about how the Cardinal of Boston has started a blog that does not accept comments. The discussion quickly veered off of the structure, “comments yes or no” and into the abuse issues of the Boston diocese. It’s a classic case of double standard – where by the content of the situation (who the blogger is) over-rode the structure (what are the basic blogger bill of rights?)

IMO, a blogger is not required to accept comments, _regardless_ of who s/he is. However it’s also my opinion that a blogger will have greater success by accepting comments, even if they are not always agreeable.

Look for the bones beneath the skin to avoid setting up double standards.

Cardinal Sean’s Blog – Now accepting comments after all! (Though they may be filtered, one never knows…)

Hawaiian words
ʻIli: skin
Iwi: bone

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