Beach Walk 241 – A hui hou, Evelyn

Today is a Hawaiian-style burial of ashes at sea, fulfilling one of Evelyn’s wishes.

Evelyn DeWitt never lived in Hawaii, but she visited here many times and has family members who live here. One of her wishes was to have her ashes scattered at sea here in the islands. Today we join the family in saying goodbye to her, in that special, aloha style way.

Today’s special show music is by Aaron: Last Goodbye, Ballad

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Hawaiian words
A hui hou: til we meet again
Make: death

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  1. That was a beautiful ceremony for Evelyn. I’m sure she’s smiling.

  2. aloha, thought the cerimony was moving and real
    one in life can only do what one can do and we as mortals cannot judge anothers life. she did her best i am sure.
    god bless.

  3. this was such a beautiful farewell to honor and say goodbye to a well loved mother, and friend. it’s always hard to say goodbye but this was heartfelt and touching. my caring thoughts to the family – like SoCalGal says, I’m sure she was smiling too!

  4. Rick & Bev says

    Mahalo for sharing the cerimony with us… reminded us of when Toni and Dick went away from us…..we will always remember Evelyn as a fun, entertaining and wonderful person. Aloha~…..sorry we could not be there.

  5. Funny how the universe works…as I stumble upon your vidcast Roxanne and watch a few episodes…I hear some good comments about the Evelyn episode and here I am watching and shedding a tear…for my own mother Kathleen who’s middle name is Evelyn died this August and your vidcast brings back memories of when I fullfilled her dream to go to Hawaii and what a great time she had. This event you captured would have served her well too but she wanted to be buried…and we will honour that at a later date.
    Continued success Roxanne and thanks for sharing.

    John R.

  6. Kathy Ryland says

    Thank you for sharing Evelyn’s last wishes with everyone. It was beautiful, as was she. Every time I think of Evelyn I can’t help but smile (and, unfortunately, now shed a little tear). She will always be remembered for so many wonderful things. One cannot forget such a great woman.