Beach Walk 240 – False Advertising!

Hawaii is so beautiful and diverse. Why do companies stretch the truth beyond this amazing reality?

I saw a picture in a magazine promoting a hotel group, using our local beach as the setting. One problem: there are NO hotels in our community. Join me as I talk about false advertising and the apparent greed of some property developers. (Caveat: I find this sort of greed very unattractive.)

Hawaiian words
ʻĀlunu: greed

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  1. Hey Rox! 😀

    I mapped you the route to the beach from Midtown Manhattan.

    Pelham Beach Park

    Maybe you’ll have time to see it while you’re here. No false advertising, though, hahaha it’s not as pretty as your beaches!

    At least we have sand!!!!! (um… last I checked :/ )

    Enjoy your day! 😀
    Bill C.

  2. Mahalo Bill! (I linked the link too).

    Secret’s out – yes I will be in NYC in November. Email me if you want to join me on Beach Walks!