Beach Walk 237 OTR – Raise Your Heart Rate!

I was experiencing a little anxiety so I went for a very short jog to clear my mind and body.

For those of you who are new here, I usually walk the beach with my dog Lexi in Hawai’i. But I am on the road traveling for my job, so you get to come along with me! I like to think of Beach Walks as much as an attitude as a place. A place where we explore the edges of the known world, and think differently.

Two things on my mind today actually First, was deciding not to feel pressured to make an important phone call before I felt grounded, and second, was to remember to get my heart rate up as a way to clear anxiety. The body is so amazing! Just getting the heart pumping to move oxygen throughout me. Yum yum yum.

Hawaiian words
Ea ola māmā: oxygen
ʻike maopopo: to see clearly

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  1. Rox, there is nothing better than a workout to clear the mind and body! Excersise is just a part of my day, not just Something I do! great words by you … thanks!