Beach Walk 233 OTR – Independent Happiness?

Happiness exists independent of your circumstances, contrary to normal thinking.

For those of you who are new here, I usually walk the beach with my dog Lexi in Hawai’i. But I am on the road traveling for my job, so you get to come along with me! I like to think of Beach Walks as much as an attitude as a place. A place where we explore the edges of the known world, and think differently.

Today I watched a presentation by Dan Gilbert from the TED2004 symposium. He is a Harvard researcher who has discovered that happiness exists not just regardless of our circumstances, but that actually having limits can stimulate more happiness. This is a classic struggle between the #1 personality and the #2 – who especially thinks that external circumstances determine happiness. Research proves the opposite is true. See Show 102 to learn what I mean about the #1 and the #2.

For me there is a direct relationship between consciousness and happiness. Choosing to be miserable or sad because you do not have what you want or because you think the world is a mess, may be surrendering to your monkey mind.

Hawaiian words
Kūʻokoʻa: independent

Be in Touch!


  1. Markus Nenning says

    Hi Rox,
    I am from Austria I watch your show every day and I love it. Its great what meaningful subjects you come up with to talk about. I know that cant always be easy to have a good idea every single day but you are doing great. I was wondering if you meditate also you seem to have such a com and peaceful mind.

    Thank you


  2. Great topic, rox.
    This is such an important theme in society right now.

  3. I do meditate Markus though certainly not every day. I find that I can grab a few moments just about anywhere though to remind myself to breathe, to understand that the present moment is where I have the most power, the most attention. Beach Walks has become a form of meditation for me though, as it takes my mind off of my mundane daily hassles and creates space for curiosity, connection, and gratitude. Mahalo to you and jen for stopping by.