Beach Walk 225 OTR – Wish We Were There!

It’s a flashback! Filmed last week before I hit the road, knowing we would be ready for an ocean fix by now.

For those of you who are new here, I usually walk the beach with my dog Lexi in Hawai’i. But I am on the road traveling for my job, so you get to come along with me! I like to think of Beach Walks as much as an attitude as a place. A place where we explore the edges of the known world, and think differently.

Join us as we paddle out to the Mokulua Islands off Lanikai Beach in the traditional 6-man outrigger canoe. Secret Cameraman and Lexi were there, along with Mindy, Julie, Carlos, and Jeff. Mindy tells us about paddling dragon boats in the Yangtzee River in China. Carlos used to be my yoga/pilates teacher, so we can’t resist doing a little workout even during our floaty rest stop.

It was a cloudy day and still beautiful as ever. As Peggy always says (at Kalapawai Market) “Life is good, and it just gets better! Much mahalo to the Foti’s for use of the WaÊ»a Lele.

Here’s a camera that Mindy and Beach Walks both use. It takes great still photos, plus movies up to 20 minutes, and even goes under water to ten feet! Perfect for a day on the ocean.
Olympus Stylus 720SW

Hawaiian words
Hoa pili: close friends

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  1. That turned out great! When we were paddling and I was holding the camera I couldn’t see what I was shooting. But that little camera is da bomb!!

    Great “flashback” show, Rox!

  2. Hey Rox, I saw you wearing your sunglasses, still trying the experiment? I have been unable to find anything on-line pertaining to the benefits of no sunglasses…

  3. Nice catch Ziasun! This actually was the last day I wore them before beginning my experiment. (September 26th) It’s going well – I’ll update with a report soon. I am having trouble finding much online as well, but I have a few leads to follow before I give up!

  4. WOW! What a great suprise yes I wish i was there right now. This morning i woke up to frost on my car. Thanks for the great memories Rox.

  5. How Great!!! I wa soo excited to see you guys in the water…then I was Totally shocked to see “Carlos” with you. I used to take his “aerobic-step” classes in SB for years. He’s amazing!! WOW the world just got smaller and more connected!! Very Very Cool!!!! :)

  6. This really is amazing. I’ll tell Carlos!


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