Beach Walk 218 – Safe Travel, Darling

It’s the last swim in the Pacific for a few weeks (for me) as Beach Walks goes on the road again.

I was running late but Secret Cameraman made sure Lexi and I made it down to the beach for one quick last swim before I head out to the mainland for a few weeks. “The mainland” is what we call the continental USA. Or as some call it, the “really big island.”

I’ll be at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo through Saturday, then in Orange County for a few days, before heading on to Santa Fe to work with some of our clients there.

Hawaiian words
Aina: the land

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  1. Really like the effects in this show, the change in tempo, nice job!

  2. Me too! Secret Cameraman did a wonderful job on this episode. 🙂

  3. Surfwahine says

    Sounds like a great trip! cool effects in this show!