Beach Walk 215 – Na Wahine O Ke Kai Part 2

Part 2, so you can hear from the paddlers themselves. There’s nothing like the first time crossing the channel!

Let’s remember, it’s rare to have a whole crew (except for the two steerswomen Gail and Kuuipo) be composed of first timers, given the very challenging conditions and nature of this race. Then, many of them have husbands in Iraq, fighting a war. Plus, these women’s families come from different branches of the military service. Most military people I’ve met will agree that there is plenty of “inborn” rivalry between the army, navy, air force, and marines! This is a true accomplishment on so many levels.

Mindy Clark’s Outrigger Canoe Video Blog. She continues to post great footage from the entire weekend, starting with the short flight over to Molokai. The military wives we’ve been following this summer raced in a canoe from Keahiakahoe Canoe Club.

Susan summed it up so nicely when she expressed her gratefulness for all of the aloha and support from the paddling community.

P.S. For those of you who are travel buffs, there are lots of great with Diamond Head in the background.

Hawaiian words
WaÊ»: canoe
Wahine: woman

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  1. Rox, the true emotion show through so clear with these women! Mahalo for bringing it to us!!

  2. My aunt is Tamara Janicke. She was with the Keahiakahoe Canoe Club and I think these women are extremely remarkable in the fact that they even took on this fete. I’ve listened to my aunt spek about how each of these women are devoted to doing this as a team. I mean my aunt did this with a broken rib for heaven’s sake. All these women are to be commended in my personal opinion! Natashya Liebl