Beach Walk 211 – Go deeper to see clearly

Philip called from LA talking about blondes, bikinis, and bimbo-factors.

Let’s face it, this show is not your typical bikini beach show. Yes, there are beaches and bikinis, but our discussions together really encompass so much more.

The “wardrobe” really is just a glimpse into my life. I don’t do the show so I can wear a bathing suit. I do the show because I like sharing a little bit of my world with you. The show occurs when it’s convenient and efficient for me, and that usually means when Lexi and I go for our daily beach walk and swim.

That said, I am aware of the usual bikini/blonde/bimbo associations and I intentionally am trying to break that energy. It’s one small step away from stereotyping. It’s all about the energy for me, being curious instead of critical, seeking freedom not judgment.

You play a role as well, being able to see past the superficial and into something else that apparently holds your interest. 🙂 I guess that means together we are eliminating a few prejudices and I like that.

Hawaiian words
Poʻo keʻokeʻo: platinum blonde
Ikehu: energy

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  1. I’d love to see a weeks worth of shows about women and body image. I bet a lot of woman have something to say about that. Great stuff!

  2. Thanks Rox:

    I’m the Phillip that made the call and you gave a great answer to the question. I really like your show because I feel we have similar perspectives about a lot of things.

    I will definitely make my kids watch this episode. I hope to come to Hawaii and walk the beaches soon.


  3. Mahalo for the call Phillip, and please let us know when you make ti to Hawai’i – you can join us on Beach Walks!

  4. Interesting points about initial reactions and people not giving your show a chance because of how you look or the fact that you’re wearing beachwear on a beach :/ hahaha

    Yes… sex sells, but that doesn’t mean that someone sexy has to sell it. They don’t reject anchorwomen on the televison news because they’re too attractive. 🙂 They dress them up in ways that the network considers to be respectable, and they put them on the air. Certainly, their looks are responsible for many of their viewers, however, they’re also competent newscasters.

    For someone to say blonde + bikini = nothing to say, they’ve clearly been affected by the media. The fact is that in the majority of situations, the women were chosen for shows because of their looks. That’s because they do studies on who it is that’s tuning in to, let’s say, Baywatch. If it’s males between certain ages, then they’re going to get the most viewers and they’ll be able to charge the most for advertising if they put young, attractive-looking women on the show. Unfortunately, many people see this and develop their own internal stereotype that attractive women can’t be intelligent at the same time. It’s got to be one or the other. Unattractive & Intelligent or Attractive & Unintelligent. Meanwhile, girls find out that they get attention through looking good and no_attention from giving opinions, so many of them gravitate towards trying to look good to get that attention… even going so far as to dumb-down their conversation to appear ‘the way guys want them to be’.

    Beachwalks is clearly about philosophy, or at least ways of being or ways of living. The message is in the conversation. The message would STILL be in the conversation if you turn off the video and listen to it as an audio podcast. If you turn off the video to Baywatch, there’s nothing left. 🙂


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