Beach Walk 210 – Facts or Feelings?

Can you tell whether someone is reporting facts or feelings? It still trips me up from time to time.

One of the things I like to do on Beach Walks is explore the mechanical underpinnings of life – so it is easier to spot trends and find fixes to those recurring irritants. Of course one of the most common problems we deal with is communication.

Secret Cameraman and I get into these tiffs where we start off talking about things as if they were factual. But in reality, we are expressing a feeling, a perspective, not a fact. Listen to the show to see exactly what I mean, and where consciousness comes into the conversation!

In the process, we recognize that reality is quite subjective.

Mentioned in today’s show:
Rabbit Bites (Turn down your speakers!)

Hawaiian words
Mea kūʻiʻo: fact
aʻau: feelings

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  1. There are many things that are facts… however, peception IS reality. Depending on what your perception is, you can experience a different ‘reality’ from someone else standing in the same place, experiencing the same thing. Even if you and S.C. were looking in the same direction, you might feel like it’s chilly today while he feels like it’s hot. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Nobody. You both have your individual perceptions of the situation, and you get what you get out of it.

    As far as “is there enough time in the day to do XYZ”, there may be or there may not be, depending on the behaviors of the people responsible for ‘making it happen’. A statement like that can’t possibly be ‘fact’, because different people achieve different things in different amounts of time. ‘Not enough time’ for person A is more than enough time for person B. I think that conversation needs to expand to ‘WHY?’. Why is it that there isn’t enough time or enough isn’t getting done? Who needs to change their way of being in order for things to work the way they’re supposed to?

    One person sees a chair, one person sees a table, one person sees a collection of wood. They’re all looking at the same thing. I think that all we can do is strive to understand when what we thing is reality is really our own perception and approach interactions with others in an open-minded fashion that considers their point of view as well.